Wow San Pedro, You Look Gorgeous

Walk by the Phoenix Resort

Yesterday was just gorgeous in San Pedro, Belize.  The sun was bright, the sky was just a little bit bluer and yellow-green butterflies are flitting by – north to south – as the Cloudless Sulphurs pass through Belize on their mysterious migration. Check out this short video of the migration on our island. For theKeep reading »

A Guide to Packing for Belize in the Rainy Season

Rainy Season in Belize and What to Pack Belize is known for her great weather – with average year-round temperatures that don’t stray too far from the low to mid-80s.  But over the last week or so, we’ve gotten some rain – a rainy day earlier in the week – one of the first ofKeep reading »

June Views and Festivals around San Pedro

Yesterday I took an hour to just wander around town and take some pictures.  We have a slew of festivals coming up… Dia De San Pedro:  June 24th and June 25th Celebrating our town and a tribute to St Peter.  This year, it has become more of a concert/late night party.  But the Miss SanKeep reading »

My Belize Summer To-Do List: 2022

501 Ramen

For the last 6 years, I’ve been putting together a summer to-do list.   I’ve been partly realistic, partly aspirational and, sometimes, partly delusional.  Like 2016.  I still can’t believe I was thinking of engaging in “more selfie taking”.  Was I having some sort of mid-life crisis? Here is 2016 – Still want to do (again): Keep reading »

A Peek inside the San Pedro Public Library

Did you know that our town has a public library?  For kids and adults.  Right in the middle of town – right on the beach? I did…well…sorta.  I have walked past it 100 times…probably more…and though I’m a bit embarassed to say it…I never went inside. Well now I know. The San Pedro Library wasKeep reading »

A Walk Around Town: So Many Things Stay the Same

Last week I wrote a post about all the NEW coming to the island – and I barely scratched the surface.  Larger concrete buildings going up…change that is inevitable in a place as special as Ambergris Caye.  But…as I grabbed my camera and walked around San Pedro town yesterday – something I recommend everyone doKeep reading »

Fun Hollywood Squares RRR Fundraiser: RRR Called Twice Before The Show Was Even Over

Just this past Saturday night, Nauticrab Bar and Grill brought back the very retro game show, Hollywood Squares, to raise money for the amazing Triple R Rescue team.  Our island’s ambulance service that operates solely through fundraising and donations.  The island stars answered questions scoring Xs and Os, volunteers sold raffle tickets and collected donationsKeep reading »

New Businesses, Remodels, New Owners…The “Living the Dream” Economy

Before I start yapping about business turnover on Ambergris Caye – there was a big announcement yesterday.  The CDC (and the US) have dropped the requirement to show a negative COVID test to get into the country (here is the CDC’s information page for details). It’s great news for travel since 1. our neighbors droppedKeep reading »

OMG, For Real? The Barefoot Iguana Night Club to Open in 2022!

I first visited Ambergris Caye in August of 2006.  And every night of the week, there was a different event that ALL visitors to the island (who wanted to go out at night) attended.  Monday, it was Crazy Canuck’s Beach Bar for Punta Night, Tuesday was live music at the Tacklebox,  Wednesday, Ladies Night atKeep reading »

All About the DELICIOUS Food of Belize: My Take

What is Belizean Food?  What Food in Belize Should I Taste? Pretty much everyone who visits Belize leaves saying (or thinking) the same thing.  I came for the sun and the snorkeling and the beach and the adventure, and I left raving about the food.  About the people and the food. The food of BelizeKeep reading »

Rain Gone, Winds Shift and The Most Beautiful Day

Earlier this week and far far away (at least 1000 miles) – record-setting Hurricane Agatha hit the Mexican state of Oaxaca – died down quickly and passed over the northern Yucatan as a tropical wave.  But she had far-reaching effects – Ambergris Caye say her first real rain of the season.  Almost-empty cisterns, dusty roads,Keep reading »

New Best Burger on the Island? Patty Flipper Belize

I know, I know…you don’t travel to Belize to have a hamburger.  You come to taste Belizean food, as you should since it’s amazing.  I find that the food of Belize is always a surprise to visitors since they most likely had never heard of Belizean cuisine. and it’s THAT GOOD. But if you liveKeep reading »

I Never Really Thought of Parrots Until I Moved to Belize

Before I moved to Belize 15 years ago, I never really considered parrots. Or…to be honest…birds in general.  Sure…parrots and pirates.  Or parakeets in cages….odd pets that only seem to scream and poop. Those claws…those beaks…those beady eyes.   And it’s hard to forget those attention seeking guys (they are always men) who walk down theKeep reading »

Ambergris Caye, Belize in July And Typical July Weather: 2022

So…you are thinking about visiting Belize in July.  The reef, the people, the food (!), the wildlife, the adventure but…is July a good time to visit?  How’s the weather in July?  Is it busy?  Are there lots of things going on? July’s a great time to visit.  You can often find deals on your favoriteKeep reading »

2022 Cost of Living in Belize – Ambergris Caye

How much does it REALLY cost to live on Ambergris Caye, Belize: From Someone Who Lives Here There is a saying that the old crusty expats (yes…we get crusty) love to tell newcomers when they land on Ambergris Caye with stars in their eyes, names on brand new land titles, and rum punches in theirKeep reading »

Beautiful Public Art Going Up Around San Pedro Now: Go See It!

I have not kept it a secret – I love love love public art.  A quick glance, it makes everyone’s life a bit brighter.  It helps encourage pride in our community.  It excites and uplifts budding artists.  And it can have economic value – rejuvenating neighborhoods and fostering tourism. I mean…how great would it beKeep reading »