Comfort Needed: Let’s Make Belizean Chicken Soup

Belize Chicken Soup

Today marks Day 4 of island lock-down quarantine for the surge of COVID we’ve seen in the last week.  Ambergris Caye went from zero active cases (there had only been two diagnosed in late March, early April) to over 50 active cases diagnosed on the island in just the last week. Chicken soup – whichKeep reading »

Belize & CoVid-19: Updates Including International Airport Opening CANCELLED

I will be updating this as news comes out: 3pm, Government Press Conference with Prime Minister and Minister of Education Start with Dr. Manzanero, the testing and the science – yesterday 148 samples were processed/tested countrywide – a new record. 15 new cases were diagnosed yesterday, August 4th, 7 in Orange Walk, 7 in CorozalKeep reading »

Bugs that Bite in Belize

I hope this does not come as a shock to anyone but Belize is in the tropics and…the secret is out!  We, Belize, have bugs that bite or sting or just suck a bit of your blood. We also have about 1000 reasons that you should want to get to Belize as soon as youKeep reading »

The Truck Stop Closes for the Season. Wait…What Season?

Belize’s “Slow Season” Takes on New Meaning…and It’s Impossible to Predict When it Will End this Year Our island, Ambergris Caye – in fact, our whole country of Belize…has been closed for about four months now.  (Belize closed her borders officially to visitors on March 24, 2020  and that was expanded to include Belizean nationalsKeep reading »

I Love Ambergris Caye When She’s SO Green

A few days ago, we drove way up north on Ambergris Caye and while my sea view was marred a bit by the recent sargassum (seaweed) influx – the other side of the road…the trees and flowers and vines…the forest looked GORGEOUS. I LOVE how spider lilies grow wild along the beach. Heavy rains atKeep reading »

A Drive to the Far North of Ambergris Caye and Robles Point

Cabanas at Tranquility Bay

About twice a year, I join Jeff for a bumpy slow ride up to what I call Far North of Ambergris Caye.  To the first spot where our barrier reef meets the land – it’s called Robles Point. Our reef hits the land twice up there – Robles Point and then a few miles northKeep reading »

Friday Photos Around San Pedro Town

Fruit Stand Town

Yesterday I headed to San Pedro town for errands.  Just the usual…groceries, the pharmacy (Benadryl, our dog Elsie is very allergic to the bite of Doctor Flies that are buzzing around the north part of the island right now), get some gas and photos.  Here are a bunch I took in town. My first stopKeep reading »

My Eight Craziest Adventure Tours In Belize

Belize is full of adventure.  Such a small country but you can be at the Second Largest Reef in the world on one day and then spelunking deep within a limestone cave the next. There are so many different tours and trips that you can take on your trip to Belize – some more popularKeep reading »

What A Difference a Day Can Make! Sargassum and Shuts Down

Sargassum is Back Sargassum is here on North Ambergris Caye.  After a blissful 2020 without it.  (It might be the only characteristics of 2020 that I can call “blissful”) But let me back up a bit for those who don’t know what sargassum is!  You lucky people! What is Sargassum? Sargassum or sargasso (the plural)Keep reading »

A Beautiful San Pedro Day and Chicken Boat Dreams

Generally, I dislike a vague title like this…one that is confusing…means very little to you when you read it.  The nice day part, yes…but Chicken boat dreams? But life is small right now…for many of us, confusing.  Limited trips to town still (more because we are low on funds but also because it seems safestKeep reading »

Answers to MANY Questions About the August 15th Re-Opening

Yesterday I wrote a post about what the Caribbean and Central Americas countries re-opening or not re-opening.  Two weeks ago, we got a set date – August 15th.  But there are LOTS of restrictions and safety measures – and last night, we got the answer to many of our questions. You can click thru toKeep reading »

COVID-19: Tourism & Re-openings in the Rest of Central America

Belize’s borders have been closed since the end of March.  Just last week, a very limited re-opening of the International Airport has been announced for August 15th. Arrivals in Belize are HIGHLY recommended to have a COVID test within 72 hours of arrival to be fast-tracked thru the customs and immigration process.  But they willKeep reading »

A Good Morning for Fishing, Laundry and Mosquitos

I just drove 2 miles north – to a resort/residence called Sapphire Beach at about mile 9, North Ambergris – to drop Jeff and his beloved bamboo flyrod off for some wading and fishing. I stayed there a WHILE ago (5 years+ now!) and wrote this blog post. This morning, I took pictures and foughtKeep reading »