Fresh Juice and a Meat Pie As Belize Cranks Up the Heat!

Spring is brief in Belize.  Easter was unseasonably cool and then…BAM.  Summer.  The last few days have been very warm and humid.   As I drove over the bridge to town to run some errands in the morning, I saw a number of kids and families just floating in the water.  It’s the perfect place toKeep reading »

Deciding Between Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker

Ambergris Caye vs. Caye Caulker…Which One Is Better? You’ve chosen Belize – SMART MOVE.  But now you are on to the next question…you have it down to Caye Caulker or Ambergris Caye.  Which one to choose! 8 Reasons to Vacation in Belize The correct answer to this question often asked is:  both cayes are amazing. Keep reading »

I Got My Vaccine On Ambergris Caye, Belize

Vaccinated in San Pedro Belize and Here’s How it Went… FIRST:  VACCINES ARE OPEN TO ALL TOURISM WORKERS.  All.  Sign up here if you are in San Pedro and let’s start getting this done! Yesterday was a big big day.  One I’ve been looking forward to for months…and months and months.  VACCINATION AGAINST COVID-19!  JustKeep reading »

My Five: The Good Friday in Belize Version

My semi-regular “column” called My Five…things that are happening around town, events (both big and small) in my life over the last few weeks and, in my mind, just interesting stuff. I grew up celebrating Easter – and by celebrating, I mean…heading to my grandmother’s house for the weekend –  Easter egg dying (always withKeep reading »

Fools Favorites from the Past

This is a cop-out… I could pretend that the year was too serious…that there wasn’t much to laugh about but that is far from true.  There is ALWAYS something to poke fun at. Real story:  It’s been a BUSY few weeks…last few months…as we ready to open the camp officially THIS WEEKEND.  One thousand movingKeep reading »

Getting A COVID Vaccine in San Pedro Belize: Jeff Got #1 Yesterday!

Over the weekend, Jeff got the call I think we’ve ALL been waiting for. It was Belize’s Health Department – Mr. Jeff, you are scheduled for your first COVID vaccination.  230pm, Tuesday, March 30th.  At the Lions Den San Pedro.  (Just about 1 year after the island shut down completely!  How miraculous is that?) WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOO! Keep reading »

Spring 2021 (Post-Covid) Bucket List in Belize

I don’t think anyone will be forgetting last Spring for a while.  February and March 2020…watching the news…China, Italy…feeling stunned…and shocked, immobilized.  Buying a 50lb sack of rice, bushels of toilet paper and packets of ramen.  (The rice filled with bugs and the ramen?  It’s still in the pantry.)  Total lock-downs and curfews.  The uncertainty. Keep reading »

Beautiful Windy March Weather on Ambergris Caye

Consider this blog post a “quickie” before I get to all my pictures of Ray Caye off the coast of Placencia.  I’m headed to town earlier than usual –the camp is opening later this week and things are busy! Yesterday was a beautiful day…the Easter winds are blowing (tomorrow morning, they are predicted to getKeep reading »

Dream Resort Experience: Romantic Matachica on Ambergris Caye

Gorgeous Never-Want-To-Leave Getaway at Romantic Matachica Resort   Is anyone else feeling the STRONG desire to get AWAY? Who would have ever ever thought that my dream romantic honeymoon location would be less than 2 miles from my house?  Silly…I know.  Dream big Rebecca you say!  But over the weekend, I spent 24 hours atKeep reading »


I started working on a blog post this morning but didn’t even come CLOSE to finishing before we had to run to town.  Jeff needed to bring lumber/windows/pipes up to the camp and we wanted to see our friends off.  They are heading out on a 2-3 week catamaran sailing/filming/fishing adventure – an AMAZING projectKeep reading »

Starting My Citizenship Process for Belize…It’s About TIME

I have been living full-time in Belize since early 2007 and have been a Permanent Resident since 2010.  This is the equivalent (for those in the US) of a Green Card. I can legally stay in Belize indefinitely. How I Came To Belize How I Stayed in Belize – And Got A Job In 2009,Keep reading »

I Hate Papaya

I’ve tried, I can’t, I hate papaya. I feel childish just saying it.  Guilty.  The word hate is so ugly.  And when applied to something so bountiful…so beautiful?  I’m not proud of it. At least once a year, I see a lovely golden pile at the fruit stand – all smiling at me with theirKeep reading »

Return to the Camp: New Thatch, Wild Tobacco and Happy Dogs

Yesterday was a GORGEOUS day to return to Cayo Frances Farm and Fly for a long weekend.  (Monday is Heros & Benefactors Day in Belize – formerly Baron Bliss Day – a proper bank holiday Monday in Belize) Who was Baron Bliss?  A very interesting character who donated his fortune to Belize but never setKeep reading »