My Friday Five Things on Ambergris Caye

Morning all, It’s a beautiful day on Ambergris Caye.  And it’s starting to feel like the holidays with trees and nativity scenes and lights being strung all over the island.  Here are a few pictures that I took earlier this week. The tree going up in Central Park. And then a Manelli’s hand-pushed Ice CreamKeep reading »

A Merry Camp Thanksgiving and Barely Emerging from the Food Coma

Bleary-eyed and feeling like I could go right back to sleep, I awoke this morning after a two-day stuffing, Pumpkin cheesecake, and canned cranberry jelly bender. If stuffing tastes great on Thanksgiving evening- at the official Thanksgiving meal, it tastes 2x as good as you are cooking it and tasting it and 5x better theKeep reading »

The Day Before Thanksgiving…A Busy San Pedro

After over one and a half years of uncertainty, things on Ambergris Caye are starting to feel…vibrant.  Golf cart traffic in town…caravans of visitors heading to Secret Beach and out to restaurants…the town feels…bustling. Belize is  making all sorts of lists:  Lonely Planet’s “Best in Travel List” for 2022, National Geographic’s 25 Amazing Journeys forKeep reading »

Busy Camp Season Begins with…A Big Errand Run

Busy season!  17 international flights coming in to the Philip Goldsen (BZE) Airport!  Vacation!  And for us…(and particularly for Jeff) it feels like getting back to work…fully…in quite a while.  Cayo Frances Farm & Fly is pretty well booked (there are a few openings here and there) until May 2022. The life of an off-the-gridKeep reading »

17 International Flights Landing In Belize Today! And 3 More Coming Over the Next Month!

American, United, Delta, Alaska Airlines, Southwest, Tropic Air, TAG Airlines, WestJet all Flying To Belize and More to Come! Yesterday a Facebook friend posted:  “20 International Flights flying into Belize tomorrow.  Tis tourist season!” TWENTY?  That’s…crazy!  This number was 6…maybe 8 just a few years back…right? Almost hard to believe. (He actually posted “30 InternationalKeep reading »

Grey Skies Break For Lunch over the Water at Rum Dog

After some of the year’s most beautiful days of the year, The last 3…maybe 4…have been grey, drizzly to RAINY and cool in Belize.  It looks like things are going to clear up as the week progresses and that is a good thing.  Let the deep puddle, the roads and my laundry dry out.  AndKeep reading »

Brunch at Matachica Resort: Is There a Better Meal?

Brunch is the best meal.  Period.  There is no need to rush and wake up…sleep in and arrive at 10am…even noon. You drink coffee.  You can eat dessert or fried chicken and delicious breakfast meats like bacon.   The meal can be long and lingering with many cocktails for those who enjoy a bit of dayKeep reading »

Downtown San Pedro’s Sea and Beaches Shine

The GORGEOUS cool weather – the breezes from the north and the crystal clear sea – continues on Ambergris Caye.  I had planned to write about a deeelicious brunch (best meal there is) I had at Matachica Resort on Sunday but I wandered into the town center yesterday…on the beach parallel to Front Street and…man…soKeep reading »

Shifting Winds, Sparkling Weather on Ambergris Caye

Belize Parasail

There are a few things you can be mostly-sure-of when on Ambergris Caye Belize.  The majority of the time: The temperature is going to be around 81 or 82 degrees in the daytime – give or take a few degrees. The sun is going to be shining for a good part of the day. TheKeep reading »

Belize Navidad! Christmas on Ambergris Caye Belize

Picture your Christmas holiday like this. The temperature is about 80 degrees…a cooling breeze is blowing off the ocean.  It’s Christmas weather in Belize. I know that there are still 50 days until Christmas – I’m hoping you don’t have that same annoying Facebook friend that I do.  The one that posts the count eachKeep reading »

A Morning In Court in San Pedro: Know Your Local Laws…Always

Yesterday was not my usual Wednesday.  I was up a bit early – my alarm and back-up alarm, though not needed, had been set for 7am sharp. I had a 9am appointment.  To Personally appear before the court of Summary Jurisdiction sitting at San Pedro Magistrate Court on Wendesday 27th October  TWO THOUSAND AND TWENTYKeep reading »

Languages of Belize & Do I Need to Speak Spanish To Visit/Live In Belize?

The Languages of Belize When it comes to the languages of Belize as well as the cultures, our country is an anomaly in Central America.  Tiny Belize’s official language is English.  English speakers surrounded by much large Spanish-speaking countries. Note:  We are not the smallest…at least when it comes to size.  El Salvador is aboutKeep reading »

Celebrating Thanksgiving in Belize

The choice to celebrate Thanksgiving in Belize can be summed up pretty nicely like this: Imagine you can pick: Family squabbling, over-eating, sleeping in your childhood bed, that gloppy green bean mush, football droning in your ear from morning to night, Black Friday-mania, and deep-fried turkey fires or…warm sun and iced Belikins, snorkeling or fishingKeep reading »

If This is Healthy, Sign me UP! Longevitea Kombucha

I am currently LOVING this new product – Longevitea Kombucha for 3 reasons.  It tastes delicious (it’s hard for me to keep myself to one or two cups a day), it looks gorgeous (as do the bottles when you are finished) and it’s made by a young female entrepreneur here in Belize (20 years old!)Keep reading »

The Best Time To Visit Belize

When is the best time to visit Belize?  When you need a vacation with great weather, friendly people, incredible food, and as little or as much adventure as you want. But the answer that people are looking for is different for every traveler – since some people focus on weather, some people focus on theKeep reading »