About Us

Rebecca Coutant (A.K.A. SanPedroScoop)

Hi. My name is Rebecca Coutant and I grew up in suburban New Jersey. I went to college in New England and then…somewhat spur of the moment…decided to do a junior year aboard. That year in London was one of the best of my life and it changed things completely. I totally was hooked on travelling, completely head over heels and ready to pack a backpack and run away…and I just didn’t really know it yet.

Sure over the next 12 years, I went on vacations to fun places…some more run-of-the-mill like Aruba and Canada (no offense guys) and some a bit more exotic like Istanbul or Vietnam. But it took a 5 year job as a corporate and emerging markets bond trader at Lehman Brothers to show me the light. Well more like a glimmer. That sort of life was NOT for me.

So in 2006 I moved to Ambergris Caye, Belize. No job, nowhere really to live…heck…my first visit to the country had only been a few months prior. I’d try it for a year…how could it hurt? NYC would always be there. That one year, obviously, came and went. During the last six years, I spent almost four years managing a totally fun but often gritty bar and night club. And now? I write this blog. About my life, my experiences and my travels around Belize and surrounding countries.

I want to show all sides of my island life; to give you the full SanPedroScoop. And though every day I do see something hard to Belize, writing about this country every single day, looking at it from so many different directions, has really made it my home.

Chris Moguel (A.K.A. The Tech Guy)

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