About Me

Rebecca Coutant (A.K.A. SanPedroScoop)

Hi. My name is Rebecca Coutant and I grew up in suburban New Jersey. I went to college in New England and then…somewhat spur of the moment…decided to do a junior year aboard. I didn’t speak any foreign languages – I’d taken Latin throughout High School and loved it.

So off to England.  That year in London was one of the best of my life and it changed things completely. I totally was hooked on travelling, completely head over heels and ready to pack a backpack and run away…and I just didn’t really know it yet.

Sure over the next 12 years, I went on vacations to fun places…some more run-of-the-mill like Aruba and Canada (no offense guys) and some a bit more exotic like Istanbul or Vietnam. But it took a 5 year job as a corporate and emerging markets bond trader at Lehman Brothers to show me the light. Well more like a glimmer. That sort of life was NOT for me.

So in 2006, I moved to Ambergris Caye, Belize. No job, nowhere really to live…heck…my first visit to the country had only been a few months prior. I’d try it for a year…how could it hurt? NYC would always be there. That one year, obviously, came and went. During the last six years, I spent almost four years managing a totally fun but often gritty bar and nightclub. And now? I write this blog. About my life, my experiences, and my travels around Belize and surrounding countries.

I want to show all sides of my island life; to give you the full SanPedroScoop. And though every day I do see something hard to Belize, writing about this country every single day, looking at it from so many different directions, has really made it my home.