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Cats make the Single San Pedro Gal Look Cool. Ok…maybe not…

I wasn’t going to make this whole blog thing about me…but what the heck…why not?

Let me first mention that bringing your pet to San Pedro is a relatively easy process (except for the actual flight)…I will detail that more in another blog.

Here we go:  They say cat owners like to love and dog owners like to be loved.  Perhaps…but…

I unapologetically love cats. I can’t go into SAGA (the San Pedro Humane Society) without wanting to take home 10….particularly the older guys.  If you don’t like cats, you will be furiously rolling your eyes or bored out of your mind as you read the following.  (I warned you).
I have three.  Please allow me to introduce them.
1.   Poochie.  She emigrated here with me from NYC.  I adopted her at a shelter there right after 9/11.  (It’s when the mice and roaches really came out).  They sold me with a very romantic (and possibly phoney) story about how she was found huddled and crying in an abandoned church in Harlem with 180 other cats.  Hmmmm…maybe.  She is a giant ham…loves everyone, wants to go outside to meet anyone who comes over.  Bowen and Bowen guy delivering water?  She will try to jump right into his arms.  All my Belizean friends ask me if she is some special breed of cat because her head is so big. 

      Nope…standard American house cat.   But here in Belize for some reason, the cats seem to have peanut sized heads.  Different breed I guess. (And yes, she always looks that bitchy.) 

2.   Pupusa.  Named after my favorite street food of San Pedro.  (Well…actually it’s a national food of El Salvador but the lady in front of Waraguma on Middle Street makes some mean pupusas).  He is a neutered boy and looks like half the cats in San Pedro.  (By the way, I didn’t know until much later that the word ‘pupusa’ can be used in other ways…you can check for that one.  Sorry buddy).

      At a whopping 16lbs, he is a beast.  Shaped like a meatloaf and scared of everyone.  With the other cats, he’s a total bully.  Poor kid, his mom left him at 6oz by a trash can in someone’s shed in San Pedro.  He was a hideously ugly runt.  

      It was heating pads and bottle feeding for a little while.  But now,  he eats each meal with unparalled zeal.   As if he will never eat again, the cat will devour absolutely anything.  He has been known to strip open a whole mango left on the counter and chew it to the pit.  Did I mention that he has a snaggle fang that hangs out of his mouth?

      It is unmotherly to say but he is my favorite.

      Here is his centerfold shot for “Fat Cat Magazine”.

3.   Rita (aka Sweetie Reetie).  Adopted from SAGA a year and a half ago, she is now 2 years old.  She looks like the other half of the cats in San Pedro.  I don’t think she has gained an ounce since being adopted.  She is tiny.  And still bug eyed with giant radar ears just like a kitten.  She can play that age old game of “chase my own tail” for hours at a time.  She is terrified of Pupusa, so I am waiting for her growth spurt to hit so she can hold her own.  But then again, for my purposes, small is good when you have limited space and three cats.

Perhaps you are picking up what I am laying down here…I am a crazy cat lady.  Certifiable. Love them.  Dogs are good…but cats are really my thing.  I look forward to the day when I own a big house and 100 cats. 
Tee hee, I can just see my potential suitors lining up.

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4 thoughts on “Cats make the Single San Pedro Gal Look Cool. Ok…maybe not…

  1. Carbunkle Trumpet

    I would call you the crazy cat lady of San Pedro but I have a confession to make. It would appear that Mrs CBT & I are alergic to cats and dogs but poodles are ok so we have a tiny toy poodle that is our ‘child’. Do you know how embarassing it is to walk a 7 pound dog around the hood when there are 90 pound females walking Bull Mastifs or Labs? At least “Maddy” doesn’t have pink bows in her hair…..

  2. Lori P.

    Crazy cat lady…hummm….I may fit that description, but I don’t think so with only 4 cats. If one must put a ‘number’ to it, I would say 10…over 10 cats and being single may make you the CCL. “May” I said…

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