Grrrrr….Facebook down in All Of Belize!

And one would think it’s the end of the world.  The site was down in all of Belize yesterday evening and didn’t re-emerge until a few hours later.

Many calls went out to BTL and the speculation is that they are busy blocking the facebook video chat that many have been enjoying these last few weeks.  DRAT!  The charge us a fortune for internet and then block any kind of chatting.

Others are speculating that it is contagion from the worm that was effecting accounts around Europe yesterday.

Last night, my call to Belize Telecom was met with a confused operator.  Her manager is currently on break, she said.  If you are in Belize and uber-annoyed, call #119 and ask BLT WADDA GWAN!

This morning, Facebook is up but very slow.  The BTL operator will only tell me that “they are aware of technical difficulties and still working to solve them.”

I just got a tip that you can access Facebook through a VPN (Yeah…I’d never heard of it too).  I’m trying and it is very slow…but it gets me in.

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