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and I am overwhelmed with guilt.  (You’d be suprised how addicting the daily blog thing is.)   But I’m not feeling so great.  Let’s not go into details.  So I am taking an internet day off.  And a phone day off too.

So…no reason to break my door down…if you do, you would merely find me laying in a pile of books and magazines on my bed sipping a Gatorade.  Not worth the effort.
I’ll talk to you tomorrow.  And if you are outside today, it’s still pretty hot for January and feels a bit humid.  But all in all?  A great one to lie at the pool

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4 thoughts on “NO BLOG TODAY

  1. Emily

    The others are right, you did blog today! Sorry you aren’t feeling so great. I know you were hoping to get to Tranquility Bay today — hopefully another time soon? Feel better and no guilt!

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