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This is Getting To Be A Bad Habit

But I really am feeling sick.  Like don’t leave the house sick.  Thanks to the 1000 people who visited my blog yesterday when all I did was throw up a picture from a few months ago.

Bear with me…tomorrow I fully intend to be back at it.

Here’s another old photo.  Can you guess where it was taken?  Prettiest dock on the island.

Talk to you tomorrow.

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4 thoughts on “This is Getting To Be A Bad Habit

  1. Dave

    You must have the same cold/flu I got while in Belize for Christmas. I’ve been fighting this ever since. Almost had it beat, then came New Years and right back into the depths of the flu.
    I’ve now totally lost my voice as well. Hope it comes back before returning in Feb. Also hope you get well soon…for totally selfish reasons…I really love reading your blog every day…keeps me in touch with Belize. Get well soon.

  2. Me

    Yes…Akbol. Best swimming dock on the island. And doesn’t hurt to cool off with a few Belikins at their uber-awesome bar.

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