SAGA Cook-Off and Trivia at Pedro’s Inn Draw Big Crowds

Who says that the “busy season” on Ambergris Caye is drawing to an end?  Not me.The SAGA Humane Society held its monthly fundraising cook-off at Wet Willy’s Bar (and soon to be restaurant) last night.  We arrived right on time…6pm…and there was already a good crowd.  After reading yesterday’s article in the local paper about an abused Loggerhead Turtle SAGA is helping to rehabilitate, who wouldn’t want to help them raise money?Wet Willy’s has new owners, a new logo and a fresh paint job.

Seriously nice night.

There were six donated dishes competing.   The $10bzd entry tickets sold out fast.   Seafood was this months category.

People are starting to get pretty fancy.  Look at this gorgeous smoked salmon with a vinegrette and little star shaped puff pasty crackers.

Sharon is serving and it was prepared by Mathieu’s Deli.

Entry #4 from Molly Malone’s at The Hotel..mussels.  I’m not sure where people are getting salmon or mussels from in Belize (neither come from anywhere near here)…but definitely a nice change of pace.

A crab and artichoke dip.  Good call…everyone loves this stuff.

A tasty seafood marinara.  As you can see…I spent more time taking pictures of food than people.  BUT it did insure me a position first in line.  Tirelessly blogging each day (ok…almost every day) does have its benefits.

The line behind me was LONG.

Everyone did a great job.   I voted for #2…a tasty morsel of fish with a sweet jicama salsa but I COULD NOT STICK AROUND to see the winner.  There was a dream team to meet…a trivia game to win or so I hoped.   Read about how I was robbed a few weeks ago if you like: Yes, I Was Robbed at Pedro’s Inn.

I worked for 2 weeks to find trivia buffs…those who knew things I never would.  I met my team at Pedro’s Inn for the weekly trivia match up.  The categories were seemingly innocuous.  Geography, Sex, Pot luck, Music and Movies.

There were quite a few teams…

We didn’t win.  So, as the good sport that I am, I’ll just leave you with a particularly uncomplimentary picture of another team.

We tried…Al, Rob, Carolyn, Beth and me, we tried.  We will do better next time.

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