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Walking, Walking and More Walking & Some Pictures: 10,000 Steps a Day Ain’t Easy

So…it’s been about one week now in my attempt to get a bit more fit.  For some reason, sitting by the pool and on my couch all day and drinking beer all night wasn’t quite getting me there.  So I did an about face.  Strict dieting (blah) and exercise.  10,000 steps a day is suggested all over the internet as something to aim for.  Who knew 10,000 steps (pedometer worn only outside) was about 2 hours of walking a day?  Ugh.  Tedious.
One positive part (I guess)…it allows me to traipse all over the island with my bestest friend.  Here are some of the places I’ve visited over the past few days.
Construction continues on the dock at Grand Colony…

And the huge dock continues to be a local favorite for swimming for kids of all ages…

The car wash by the Belize Yacht Club is relatively new.  Wonder how busy this place gets?  I guess it’s both a car and golf cart wash.

Hurricane’s Bar right in front of BC’s.

A kid freaking me out playing dead man float in the water.  We waited until she moved.

Belikin is giving out free samples of the Verano beer for those who haven’t tried it.  Always good to know when you can get something free…
A new building going up on middle street for the Bank Co-op that is currently across the street.

Down by Banyan Bay Resort.

Just up the beach…

A very pretty condo complex just a bit farther up.  (Hi Ruth!)

And Grand Baymen apartments back by the fitness club seem almost done…

So for now, I’m giving this clean living thing a try. (My 39th birthday is within arms’ grasp.)  But…if in a few days, you see me eating a plate of BBQ and rice & beans and washing it down with a Belikin, please don’t give me crap.  I don’t want to hear it.

What was I posting about one year ago?  The first of my “expat series”:  How I Came To Belize

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4 thoughts on “Walking, Walking and More Walking & Some Pictures: 10,000 Steps a Day Ain’t Easy

  1. DougSR

    AC loves some docks and piers huh? Love the small town island vibe but I also prefer an unspoiled coastline. Are these piers all for commerce? Fish boats? Snorkeling/Diving boats?

  2. Me

    The town area has quite a few docks…for fishing boats, dive shops, residences that just have a boat, hotels…the water is so shallow in many spots, you need to get a good ways out to park a boat.

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