Super Fun or Super Frenzy? Part Two: Shopping in Chetumal, Mexico

In my last post,  I flew to Corozal, hopped the border to Chetumal, checked into the Hotel Noor and visited Walmart, the mall and the (blech) Free Zone.To enter the Free Zone (or the area between the two borders) from the Mexico side, you need to go through Mexican immigration.  While there, we decided to check out the Casinos.

Negativity alert:  I had already been thoroughly depressed by the junk wasteland that is the Corozal Free Zone.  Casinos, to me, are some of the most depressing places on earth.  The fake party atmosphere, the darkness, the monotonous clinking, shrieking and dinging of slot machines, the smell of cigarettes smoked 25 years ago, the serious “I’m having no fun” expression pasted on everyone’s face, the cocktail waitresses in nude stockings…depressing.  Where are the fun, hip, young people they show in the ads?

Anyway…in we went.  I am here to experience the Free Zone for what it is and what it has to offer.  We tried the new Princess Casino (above) and the old Princess Casino.

I’ll pick my favorite:  the New Casino.  But only because it was Ladies’ Night (see what I mean by fake frivolity?)…and they were serving free birthday cake and punch for the ladies.  In all, I lost $28USD in the stupid slot machines.  And I’m still mad about it.  Do you know how much Halloween candy I could have purchased with that money?

We headed back through Mexican immigration (stamps, stamps, stamps!) to the hotel.  The restaurant at the Hotel Noor was seriously tasty.  We had tons of food…both Mexican and more international and it was all delicious.  Expensive for Mexico but delicious.

We then popped over to Sam’s Club to case the joint.  We were planning to go back the next day but I’d never been to a Sam’s…or Costco for  that matter.

Another clown!  Krista loves Mexican clowns!

In case you missed the one from earlier in the day.

Sam’s has everything that I would need…for CHEAP.  Medicine, bath stuff, food, beer, kitchen items, bicycles, and lots of great Halloween candy.  No need for Walmart anymore, this is my spot.

Plus cool bottles of Absolut Mexico.

Just regular flavored vodka but with a fancy label.

We seriously thought of heading out to one of the local “male review” shows.  Could be good times.  Plus, the names “Bananas” (the taxi guy told us about that one – male only) and “Shampoo” (women and men) sounded very promising for good stories.   TOTALLY BLOGGABLE.  But we were too tired.  Exhausted really.  Next time.  I hope you are not disappointed.

And…holy crap.  Bananas has a facebook page (Banana Live Lounge Gay Bar).  We might have dodged a bullet on this one.

The next morning we were off to Sam’s and then across the street to breakfast at a Mexican-style Denny’s-like place called El Porton.

The place was packed with diners.

The five of us then packed the van to the brim.  3 HUGE suitcases, a huge duffel bag, backpack and countless shopping bags…we had to get into the van and then get packed in with bags.

To the border.  I was a bit nervous.  A thorough search of all the bags?  Would we be hit by a huge duty at the Belize border?

Nothing.  We breezed right on through and continued on to the Corozal airstrip.  (At customs, I think that it helps if you hire the local porters to carry your bags.  They seem to smooth your way right through.  Just tip them a $1-2bzd for each of your bags.)  If you need more details, feel free to email me.  I don’t want to raise ANY red flags with Belize customs.  Love you guys!

The 18 minute flight back from Corozal to San Pedro was easy.

Flying shot gun is always the best.

Oh!  So in the end?  The shopping trip was more super-frenzy.  I could have skipped quite a bit of it. Walmart, Chedraui, the mall, the Free Zone, the casinos and Sam’s Club is too much for me.  Next time, I’m paring it WAY Down.  And taking time to enjoy a few more delicious Sol Limon y Sal.

Happy Pan American Day Belize!

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