More Pictures From 2013 Band Fest In Belmopan And The Winners


Yesterday was a very busy day in Belmopan.  It felt like the whole country came out to support the youth of Belize in the 2013 Band Fest.  And it wasn’t easy.  Yesterday may have been one of the hottest days of my life.  Soaring to 100 degrees, these kids all deserve an extra medal for soldiering in the parade and then on the field in hot marching band uniforms.  Seriously seriously impressive.  I didn’t make it long.IMG_0766_1024x768

Yesterday I posted a bunch of pictures of the parade.  Here are a bunch more.

From Dangriga.



From Benque Viejo…the band that got ready right outside my window at 5:30am.  IMG_0695_1024x768

IMG_0737_1024x768From Holy Redeemer in Belize City.  I could not coax a smile from them.  Business…all business.IMG_0692_1024x768


The village of Succotz.IMG_0699_1024x768 IMG_0700_1024x768


Tights and socks!IMG_0703_1024x768


Some parade VIPs.  Rene Villanueva of LoveFM on the far left, Miss Debbie from Chicago, the Mayor of Belmopan and in red, Jesse White, Illinois Secretary of State and head of the Jesse White Tumblers.IMG_0712_1024x768

Our San Pedro Isla Bonita band.  Lots more pictures of them in yesterday’s post.


Some ladies from Sartenaja taking a water break.


Here were the winners in the end.  The category of Drum Corp 1. Holy Redeemer from Belize City 2. Dangriga 3. Belmopan Youth

Wind Instrument Band.  1. Corozal Community College   2. Benque Viejo Marching Band  3. Succotz Festival Band

Best Uniforms:  Belmopan Youth and Most Popular by Phone Voting:  Corozal Community College

I have more pictures!  And a bit of the actual competition and the Trinidad and Tobago match vs. the Belize National Team…but now?  I need to high tail it out of our capital city back to San Pedro via the Belize Zoo.

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