Placencia, Belize: The Beach, The Sidewalk, The Bars, The Restaurants, I’m Loving It

And what’s not to love?  I’ve been here a few times in the past year and this place grabs you when you first get off the plane, or the bus or even the Hokey Pokey Shuttle boat from mainland Mango Creek to the Placencia Peninsula.

Hokey Pokey

The sign at the “station” in Mango Creek.  An interesting blend of messages…

IMG_7599And the quick ride through the mangroves to Placencia.

IMG_7603The Hokey Pokey schedule.  The price $10bzd.


I walked immediately over to my favorite coffee place in town, Above Grounds, for a cup of coffee and a bagel with cream cheese.

IMG_7609 IMG_7611


And then to the beach…it was really a gorgeous day.

IMG_7633The sand here is definitely courser than it is in Ambergris Caye but really, it is beautiful.

IMG_7632And there is nothing cuter and more “beach vacation” than a walk on the main drag…the sidewalk.

IMG_7634Passing cute bars and shops, ice cream places and homes…

IMG_7635 IMG_7877


Hmmmm….a “Sassy Beer”.  They jazz your Belikin up with hot sauce and spices.  Cute name.



The area is just immaculate.  Pretty plants, raked yards, pristine.

IMG_7874This sign is taken seriously.  Wouldn’t it be fun to have a contest in San Pedro…all the local artists…to make FUN signs like this?  They could be put all over town…perhaps a cash prize from the San Pedro Town Council and it would be great advertising for our artists.  Who wants to organize?  All that would be needed was some wood!   ACTUALLY…maybe this could be a venture.  Hmmmm….



And just some signs/painting around town.IMG_7639

IMG_7641I ate SO MUCH amazing food while I was there…I’ll tell you lots more about it.

At Rumfish Y Vino…

IMG_7649At Tutti Frutti…

IMG_7664And walked around the end of the peninsula to Yoli’s Bar…

IMG_7682 IMG_7684 IMG_7686

Back at the main road, I ate a snack at the Purple Space Monkey…IMG_7745


And then back out to the pretty beach.

IMG_7712There is live music, dancing, karaoke, SOMETHING every night of the week…particularly at Tipsy Tuna and Barefoot Bar…



Super cute at night too…IMG_7734


I ate beautiful Dim Sum at the newly re-finished DragonFly Moon.  Can’t wait to tell you about this place…


And had great food at Mojo Lounge – a beautiful and funky spot.


With a great outside area to watch the world go by.  Now I’m off to do the Hokey Pokey over to Mango Creek/Independence…catch the bus back to Belize City and then the water taxi back to Ambergris Caye.


I’ve got lots more to say about Placencia so…until tomorrow.











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