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The Polar Vortex Moves into Belize And It’s Kinda Beautiful

Ha.  I’m not even sure what a polar vortex is…but the US News stations are ALL ABOUT IT right now.   Temperatures at ridiculous levels like -65F.  The Weather Channel asks:  How cold can it get?


Brrrrr-meggedon 2014.   Late afternoon yesterday, the storm system moved from the north across Belize and it made for a dramatic sunset after what had been a gorgeous afternoon in San Pedro.  The day at about 2pm…high 70s and warm sun.

IMG_2933As I walked/ran to town yesterday a big orange cloud crept southward…and boats raced back to town to beat it.

IMG_6865 IMG_6866

It really was so beautiful.  An orange and purple storm cloud with a little rainbow over the reef.IMG_2938

IMG_6875 IMG_6883And then just 5 minutes later.  A dark cloud but only the briefest sprinkle.

IMG_6889This morning it is WINDY and chilly but certainly no where close to cold.   It’s 70 degrees.   The wind is blowing from the north and I am glued to CNN watching silly reporters shivering in places like North Dakota and Boston.

And I will not lie.  This Dennis Rodman/North Korea business is fascinating as well.





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5 thoughts on “The Polar Vortex Moves into Belize And It’s Kinda Beautiful

  1. Erik Terdal

    Up in the Maya mountains, in the 50s, foggy, light rain and WIND. Using the heater, not the AC, in my truck. People huddling around fires after dark. Time for me to head for the cayes if it is really in the 70s down there.

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