The Polar Vortex Moves into Belize And It’s Kinda Beautiful

Ha.  I’m not even sure what a polar vortex is…but the US News stations are ALL ABOUT IT right now.   Temperatures at ridiculous levels like -65F.  The Weather Channel asks:  How cold can it get?


Brrrrr-meggedon 2014.   Late afternoon yesterday, the storm system moved from the north across Belize and it made for a dramatic sunset after what had been a gorgeous afternoon in San Pedro.  The day at about 2pm…high 70s and warm sun.

IMG_2933As I walked/ran to town yesterday a big orange cloud crept southward…and boats raced back to town to beat it.

IMG_6865 IMG_6866

It really was so beautiful.  An orange and purple storm cloud with a little rainbow over the reef.IMG_2938

IMG_6875 IMG_6883And then just 5 minutes later.  A dark cloud but only the briefest sprinkle.

IMG_6889This morning it is WINDY and chilly but certainly no where close to cold.   It’s 70 degrees.   The wind is blowing from the north and I am glued to CNN watching silly reporters shivering in places like North Dakota and Boston.

And I will not lie.  This Dennis Rodman/North Korea business is fascinating as well.





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