A Beautiful Day, A New Bar in Boca Del Rio, San Pedro…Is it BC’s?

Yesterday afternoon I had a meeting, a few errands and just some stuff to do around town.  I also had a HOT TIP.  A new beach bar is being built just north of San Pedro town in the Boca Del Rio area – north of the high school, south of Wayo’s Bar.  AND the bartender from the beloved palapa (but now closed) BC’s Bar is working on the construction and finishing.  Could it be BC’s?

THIS I need to check out…

Really REALLY gorgeous day yesterday.  The early week HEAT blew away with a wind storm/cooling front and the weather is just…glorious.

The super cute Conch Shell Inn. Love the conch wall.

IMG_1022 IMG_1023

IMG_1024 IMG_1025I walked north on the beach…

The Phoenix Resort.  Ahhhh…

IMG_1027 IMG_1028And then on the beach road…I passed Sandbar.  Former bar and restaurant and now construction area for an expansion.  A hostel on the beach.  Could be a GREAT idea…but it is moving quite slowly.

IMG_1030I am MOST interested in the project because when it is finished…my new favorite treats, the HOT DONUTS and DEEEEElicious iced coffee from Caye Caulker’s Ice N Beans, are COMING TO SAN PEDRO and to this establishment!  A franchise.  Could there be better news?

I kept moving south.  It’s spring time in San Pedro and lots of trees and shrubs are aflower (or I’m assuming that’s what those feathery spikes are).  The flowering sea grape tree.



IMG_1032IMG_1037And the bar being painted and stained…

IMG_1038 IMG_1041I turned around to capture the view.  Not bad, right?


Here’s the scoop from the owner/former BC’s Bartender himself…

He originally thought of working with Charlene or buying the beloved BC’s name and palapa himself but it was way beyond his budget.  So…he decided to open his own beach bar.  That will be opening in the next week or two.  This is NOT BC’s Beach Bar.  This bar is going to be called…

Sandy Toes Beach Bar.  Very very cute.



Scoop secured, I looped back around on the road side to stop at Annie’s Pastries.  Unlike traditional bakeries, Annie’s opens at 3pm and is PACKED with sugar hungry high schoolers and delicious foods of all sorts.



Hard not to grab one coconut pie…

IMG_1047oh and maybe a little cupcake…

IMG_1046But for a $3bzd blob of heaven, go for the Belizean Chicken dip.  Cheesy deliciousness.

1797625_688734624501408_627644647_nSit outside and watch the ladies loading their bicycle carts.  In the late afternoon/evening, if you hear a honking horn?  Most likely it’s Annie’s Pastries.  Selling sweet and savoury pastries for CHEAP.  Flag her down.  You’ll be happy you did.

IMG_1051Because in other countries, street food may be dicey or turn the less seasoned stomach.  But in San Pedro, it’s a great way to experience the local food and it is almost always delicious inexpensive stuff.

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