Security Hired for This Weekend’s “Deal With the Devil” Wing Eating Competition at Lazy Croc’s BBQ: The Rules

This morning I was innocently strolling to Crossfit when I passed this flyer and stopped in my tracks…

1948077_688200754554795_1476705765_nI took a photo, went home and got online and found a bit more…but not enough.

Lazy Croc’s BBQ is a restaurant with a cult following here on Ambergris Caye.  The facebook page told me this:

While asleep the devil visited Mr. Tropicante in a dream and whispered the SECRET recipe for the world’s hottest pepper sauce. Now, Mr. Tropicante is offering To beat the deal with the devil, to any one mortal. Should any human be able to consume 6 Chicken Wings, in 6 Minutes, on the 6th night of the week they will win $1,000.00 BZD. Contest rules apply. Details at Lazy Croc BBQ.

I posted the flyer on MY facebook page and have received multiple emails, a few phone calls and lots of excitement.  What EXACTLY are the rules for this contest?

SO…being the crack reporter that I am, I called Christiano from Lazy Croc’s to get the deets.  And I’m not sure who is more giddy about this.  Me or him.

Here is the demonic Christiano holding a vat of Croc Eggs.  Cherries soaked in overproof rum.  Save those until after you finish the wings.


HERE are the details that I was given:

  • The Deal With the Devil Wing Eating contest starts this Saturday, March 22nd at 6pm.  The restaurant’s hours will be extended from 6pm to MIDNIGHT Saturdays and you can enter during that time period.  Travellers is helping sponsor the event and the bar is open.
  • A plate of the 6 wings will cost $6bzd or $10bzd.  The price is still being determined when Christiano meets with one of the devil’s minions later this week.
  • 90% of the meat must be cleaned from the bones.  Christiano or other Lazy Croc management will be the judge.
  • These wings will be DANGEROUSLY hot and a legal waiver must be signed by all participants.
  • During the six minutes, you can not consume any beverages or ice cubes.
  • Three San Pedro policemen will be on site monitoring the contest and the devilish crowd to maintain order.
  • You can not be under the influence or intoxicated during the signing of the waiver or during the contest.
  • Once you win the contest and the money, you can never EVER enter again.

If you eat the wings, you get $1000BZD!   ONE.  THOUSAND.  DOLLARS!

Reef Radio will be on hand (as will SanPedroScoop) for the proceedings.  And all will be filmed INCLUDING the signing of the waivers for YouTube replay.

I asked if these wings have been thoroughly tested by expats AND by Belizeans (many of whom are born and raised on the habanero).  Chris fiendishly says that many have tried and all were “BROUGHT TO THEIR KNEES”.

Feel free to ask any other questions here in the comments and we will get them answered.  See you at Lazy Croc’s!

And…good luck San Pedro.


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