Honeymoon For One Please: A Blissful 24 Hours at Portofino Beach Resort, Ambergris Caye

One night in the honeymoon suite at the gorgeous Portofino Resort – as you can imagine, I was pretty excited.  Portofino is located 6 miles north on Ambergris Caye along a pretty gorgeous stretch of beach and even more gorgeous reef and snorkelling area called Mexico Rocks.

The swimming area at the end of Portofino’s dock.IMG_1441

I had passed the resort by boat many times, walked by and admired the property but I haven’t visited in over 5 years.  That was in what I like to call my “dark ages” or P.B. -the Pre-Blog era.  A crazy, senseless time when I didn’t take pictures AT ALL.  What was I doing with my life?!


I arranged to meet the Portofinio boat in town – the owners’ son was just getting out of school and was also taking the boat back home.   He got on, helped push us off and we cruised the beautiful 20 minute ride up the resort.   Take note of the Portofino logo at the front of the boat…you’ll see it repeated throughout the resort’s common areas.  Another beautiful and thoughtful touch.

IMG_1235I was greeted at the dock with ice cold eucalyptus wash clothes and cocktails.  Love.

I set my sights on the over water hammocks blowing in the wind.


Portofino is what I love in a resort in Belize.  You KNOW that you are in Belize.  Beautiful Belizean hard woods, palapas, fabrics and arts.  This spot is so tastefully done.

Let me just show you some pictures.

Of the lobby.



Flowers are everywhere around the resort and in the room.IMG_1261

From the lobby’s door out to the sea.  The stairs lead up to the restaurant and the outside bar, the Green Parrot is just to the left.IMG_1364


The lounge area and the pool.

IMG_1245IMG_1415And the view when you are in the pool…


IMG_1403And then my gorgeous room.  The Royal Orchid.  Aka The Honeymoon Suite.  So unique.  So beautiful.   And THE most amazing view.

But first, a choice of soaps!  We spent more than a few minutes sniffing and choosing…do I want to smell like fresh lemons or jasmine?  Bergamot or apples?  Yum.  I need to get myself a soap butler.


Let me just show you the pictures.

Rustically beautiful.



I had a shower and a deep deep jacuzzi.


Amazing, amazing, amazing.  But all I could think of was those hammocks over the water.  Bathing suit on, I headed out.  And was not the least bit disappointed.  I MEAN SERIOUSLY?

IMG_1377 IMG_1378 IMG_1383

Butt just dipped in the water, soft swaying hammock, there is no better way to get sun.  None.  I’d spend most of my morning the next day here too.

A dip in the ocean…


A little in the pool…


11 hours of sleep in the super comfortable bed.  ELEVEN!  But this hammock was my home base.  My office for the best part of my honeymoon.


So many pictures…so much gushing…I know!  But I am absolutely in love with Portofino.  So charming, so personalized, so beautiful.  AND, another way to my heart, the best internet service I’ve experience at any hotel or resort in Belize.

Let’s fast forward to the resort at night.  Portofino also has a first class restaurant.



The food was really really good.   The stuffed grouper was divine.  My seafood medley?  Just look at it.  Sweet sweet fresh crab.  What a treat.


And one of the best caye lime pies on the island.  Frozen yet light and fluffy.  Tart.  Yum.


Portofino’s boat can pick you up in town or your resort so you too can feast on this divine food.

Total bliss.  I absolutely loved my stay at Portofino.  LOVE.  What an amazing way to experience Belize.   From this resort, from THAT hammock, from this dock…Belize perfection.

IMG_1428 IMG_1430IMG_1270 IMG_1363 IMG_1393I can’t wait to go back.

For all of the information on this super special spot on Ambergris Caye, check out Portofino’s website.

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