Vacation at Victoria House & A Contender for San Pedro’s Best Burger

I know how you are thinking.  If I lived on an island in the Caribbean, I’d snorkel in the sea and walk along the white sandy beach each and every day.  Not a week would go by when I wouldn’t dip my toes in the ocean.  I’d be so thankful for the warm balmy weather.


And I am.  I mean…sorta…I am.  But trust me.  It is easy to take where you live for granted…way too easy.   The gorgeousness and the opportunities outside my door go sadly unappreciated many days.  Work to do, trips to plan, back episodes of Green Acres to watch!

So yesterday, Easter Monday – a proper holiday in Belize, I took a vacation afternoon just down the beach from my condo.  At one of (if not THE) prettiest properties on Ambergris Caye, the lovely Victoria House.

You can see how close it is to where I live.   On the right hand side of this picture, you can see the white roofs of Royal Palm – the condo community where I reside.


But it wasn’t going to be all lolling about.  There was also word about town (now known as Facebook) that Victoria House was serving a very tasty burger.  THIS I must try.

I walked down to Victoria House’s beautiful beach.  Since they have been on the island for over 20 years, the property has amazing mature palm trees and plants.  The maintenance is impeccable.  And they boast nicest lawn FOR SURE on the caye.  It all just feels so civilized.


Colonial plantation in style, an iced sweet tea or mint julep would have been perfect.

IMG_1115 IMG_1121

I made my way to the end of the dock.


I passed a sting ray…


And a full guide to the Victoria House activities for the week.  Perfect for those who are planners.


I spread out my things…


And went for a dip.  The water right now is perfect.  Horrible to say but I don’t go in the sea that often.  I mean…it’s right there….and there is always tomorrow.

Sad.  I know.


After about an hour, it was lunch time.  Just at the end of the dock is one of my favorite bars and restaurants.


The view is perfect…the same dock I was just on.


I settled next to one serious sized anchor….


And I ordered the Victoria Burger.  Medium rare with tomato jam (rather than the fresh tomato).IMG_1097 IMG_1098

And here she is…


Crispy onion rings, thick cut smoky bacon, plenty of cheese and my favorite?  The sweet sweet tomato jam spread thick.

I polished it off…and the delicious herbed fries.  And I liked it.  The toppings are SO delicious that the burger itself, though cooked exactly to medium rare, seems a bit bland and…well…superfluous.  I would have been happier with the tomato jam, cheese and bacon alone on this tasty bun.

A very good burger but still not the best on the island.  (Here is the restaurant that currently holds that title.)

Full, I passed the pool…


…and decided to move to the shade and enjoy another hour or so of the perfect weather.

IMG_1117 IMG_1118

I need to do this MUCH more often.

IMG_1119 IMG_1128

See just below for my proposed “southern walk” that starts and ends at Victoria House…a place you certainly want to visit.  Even if just for a cocktail.

And a resort where I am dying to spend the night.  Even though it is a 5 minute walk from my condo.

OH!  All of these pictures were taken with my IPhone 4S.  My lost camera, my trusted and beloved Canon G10, is gone.  I’ve searched high and low…even the town pawn shops and it is gone.  I’ve received some AMAZING donations from readers for a new one.  (I have a whole page set up for “sponsoring the scoop” if you want to take a look.)

I am now trying to decide between the Canon SX50 and the Canon G16.  If you have any suggestions or can make the choice for me…let me know!

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