My Lovely Neighbors: Mata Rocks Resort, Ambergris Caye, Belize

I have posted photos of Mata Rocks Resort since the very beginning of my blog (June 2011 if it comes up on Belize Jeopardy).  Mata Rocks is the small, lovely hotel just north of me and one of my very favorite beach bars  – both for the scenery and for the bartenders.


My friend, Jamie, who was visiting for two weeks found that her allergies to my cat pack were kicking into gear.  She decided to take a short air conditioned/dander-free holiday next door at Mata Rocks.  And for me?  It was the perfect time to take advantage of her frailties and take a few pictures.

Let’s start outside at the Squirrel’s Nest – the uber-cute, white washed palapa bar with the lovely pink and lavender stools.   The nest was also named BEST HIDDEN BEACH BAR GEM on my last “Best Bars of San Pedro List”.  It’s a very cool spot to spend a late afternoon.

ALSO, a super fun fact, did you know that the original BC’s Beach Bar (the now closed but FAVORITE beer drinking spot) was first located right here at Mata Rocks?

Now it’s the Squirrel’s Nest.


Breakfast is served out here each morning for the guests (fruit, toast, coffee and pastries) and for those feeling a bit rough from the night before…

Here is a Michelada (the Belizean beer version of the Bloody Mary).



The view from the little palapa could not be better.  And it’s such a great place to chat with fellow guests and the bartenders about favorite tours, restaurants and places to visit.


Both long time bartenders, Sherlyn and Griselda, keep people coming back year after year.  I love them both.

Jamie’s room, an Ocean View Pool Deck room, has bright, modern and clean.  Perfect for her needs.

IMG_8443 IMG_8444

And right outside her door…


…the pool and to the right, the Squirrel’s Nest.


IMG_8449And down to the beach.

IMG_8458This spot is so pretty…and moderately priced…and friendly.  I have meet countless people on the beach and at the bar that return year after year only to Mata Rocks..  In fact, I’ve made some good friends that way.

So in the end, Jamie got her mini-vacation and was quite comfortable there.

For more information, check out their website.  It’s really a great spot.

But just one question.  I looked up the translate of “Mata” and it is clump.  Rock clump?  Hmmm…



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