Finn Kardashian Does Central America: Episode One

My friend Findley Halliday aka. Finn aka. Finn Kardashian is a born and raised San Pedrano, a local celebrity and socialite (sometimes in his own mind), the bar manager at the beautiful and world-celebrated Rojo Beach Bar, North Ambergris Caye, a fantastic photographer and a creative, FUN, witty, worldly guy who is a blast to Crossfit  with.

Here we are working out together.

Finn Me

He and his friend & co-worker Dani saved up money all season to backpack during their off-time.  To see the world, to not spend TOO much money (at least that was Dani’s plan) and to do it stylishly (Finn’s plan).

Anyone who knows this lost Kardashian knows that the idea of sleeping in a flea bitten hostel and eating ramen noodles with smelly German tourists would be repugnant to Finn.  He SO enjoys the finer things in life.

Look at the his daily Belize view…at Rojo…

Finn life


and his creed.  Posted on the chalkboard at Rojo.

RojoSo I thought it would be funny…or do I mean fun?…to follow Finn on his journey.   Post some of his photos and get him to add in some commentary.  Here it is…

Of COURSE he had to design a graphic.

Finn & dani

Let’s start with a selfie.

Our Friends Ciff and Rachel Wilson heard that Dani and I were backpacking so they invited us to sail along with them on a 50ft Lagoon Catamaran to Guatemala.

Finn 1

I do actually have a backpack for all of you non-believers.

Finn 2 Finn 3

Yes we had lots of Grey Goose vodka.  Sorry but I cannot live without my Grey Goose.  And I certainly can NOT start my trip on a bus!  Talk about a snob ass backpacker…

Finn 10Finn 11

finn 4

Our first stop was Placencia, Belize and it was a little quiet since it’s the slow season…We had dinner at Rum Fish Y Vino (below) and then went to drink some tasty concoctions at MOJO Lounge.  (You pronounce the “J”)

This spot was way more to my taste than the first and all the drinks were made to perfection. Nice service. We were suppose to only have one but stayed for at least five and that’s not counting the shots!

We have to have shots – it’s the LAW.

Finn 5

We left at 2 am to Punta Gorda,  Belize and woke up LATE.  Vacay always means that we get up late and have room service but I forgot that I was backpacking.  Tejejejeje.  So I took a Selfie and then went to town to check out at immigration and customs.

Finn 6

Took about two hours to get of Punta Gorda, talk about a pain in my ass immigration officers! We definitely needed a cold beer to start our journey correctly into Livingston Guatemala.

Finn 7

The Punta Gorda town clock.Finn 8 finn 9A few days in and no hostels yet!   Just pure bliss.  And let’s be honest – deserve every second of it.

Finally after 3 hours from PG we arrived into Livingston Guatemala. Checkout the pictures. Small Garifuna community – rich in culture.  A couple of creole men that came to tie up the boat for immigration and to check us in the country.
We went off to buy Guatemalan beer – GALLOS, change money and get more ice!
Our route this evening is to Maria Cayo Quemado and that’s where I will leave you as I play first mate on board.
LMAO – I wish.  I can’t even tie a rope.

Finn 12 Finn 13 Finn 14 finn 15

Back to ME!  And so we leave Finn at Livingston in Guatemala.  With friends and his backpack.
I’m just hoping he brings me one of those “GUAT’S UP” t-shirts.

We have lots of catching up to do.  Finn is now in Leon, Nicaragua (SO ON MY BUCKET LIST!) and moving quick…

Here’s Dani in Leon.


We will need to check in for more with him later this week.

As the Kardashians themselves would say “We’re in Central America, b*tches”!  Those ladies are ALL about keeping it klassy.


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