A Day in Hectic Belize City and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Yesterday, Christmas eve, I had an errand to run in Belize City.  For some reason it did not occur to me that the city would be PACKED with last minute shoppers.  Hardly a taxi to be found, four cruise ships in port, apple & pear stands EVERYWHERE (they are a Belize tradition for the holidays), Christmas music blasting from most store fronts and just people out and about, traveling, everywhere.


The tree by Belize Bank…

IMG_5412 IMG_5414

The park next to Brodie’s, empty.  The main street in front?  Packed.


ALL the fishing boats were here at port.


A hectic crazy day…I had planned to be back on the 130pm boat but with traffic…and the rush.  I made it on a PACKED 3pm.  They sent two boats.

And when we arrived in San Pedro…a huge crowd was waiting to board.


A few pictures from San Pedro last night and then it’s off to help Finn with his “soup kitchen” here in town.  With the help of many, a few hundred people will received toys, gift baskets, turkey, ham, stuffing and more…

The best idea for the holidays.

A cold front has blown in…and the wind is from the north, the current temperature 72.  Feeling properly Christmas-y.


I hope you all have a very very very happy day.  And long weekend.

IMG_5422 IMG_5425 IMG_5426

Around the corner at Cholo’s to catch the Coastal Xpress…


And a full house at Lily’s even at 815pm.  ‘Tis the season.



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