A Hodgepodge on ANOTHER Gorgeous Day

Yesterday was a perfect Friday end to a gorgeous week.  I mean GORGEOUS and…I’ve been harping on it each and every day.  Really rubbing it in your faces. 🙂

But as Winter Storm Iola rolls into the Northeast, a cold front, probably the very same, has moved over San Pedro and today’s skies are grey…it’s windy and chilly.  75.

It makes sense.  Perfect weather to mourn the potential passing of my FAVORITE comedy magazine – Sky Mall.  Mad Magazine has nothing on you.   So many bad ideas/dreams of bad inventors crushed…sad.  CNN did a nice tribute:  Good-Bye Life-Sized Garden Yeti:  A Tribute to the…Best INFlight Magazine Ever.

Do you think I can now get a discount on this item I was coveting during my last flight?


This post is one with nothing to tie it together…just random thoughts and photos.  Here are some more from yesterday.

Our usual selection of local vegetables – imported are always MUCH more expensive – at one of my favorite fruterias on Middle Street.


A look down Middle Street.


A quiet Central Park.  The water looked gorgeous…



and the team was working hard to clear the beach of all the sargasso.  You can see the pile (uncleaned bit) on the right.

Just pivoting in the same spot toward the Catholic Church.


Further up the beach, I had a delicious lunch – classic stewed chicken – at Lily’s Treasure Chest.  The view, as always is spectacular…



And my chicken.  Yum.


But just a tiny bit farther down the beach, you can see how much sargasso has come in with these recent winds.


Tough battle to fight.  Some of the bigger resorts have bulldozers/tractors…but here in town, it’s man power.


I continued walking south (one needs dessert after lunch, right?) and walked out onto the Tacklebox dock.

A new business Ray’s Big Dogs is open and looking very cute.



And I saw this interesting sign on the water sports business just behind RBD.


The back deck of Tacklebox Bar – one of the oldest on the island – looks like a junk pile.  There is a small “For Sale” Sign posted.


Pretty view though.


Awwww…and this old sign.  That I had painted when I was managing the spot.   For a while…it was good times.


Down the beach a bit more and…sigh…I was enveloped by the smell of chocolate at Belize Chocolate Company.


I had the delicious chocolate tea on the outside porch and a white chocolate and pecan blondie.


Oh…and let me tack on one last random thing.  The 2005 International Jazz Fest in San Pedro.  YES!  Belize.

My friend Bill was wearing this shirt yesterday.  Vintage.

The only information that I can find on it was from an OLD AmbergrisCaye.com post and a story on Channel 7 news:


Featuring: Chris McNulty, Paul Bollenback and many more!

December the 17th & 18th see’s Rendezvous Restaurant & Winery celebrate its 7th birthday and commemorate this special occasion they are holding a Jazz Festival with a host of International and local stars.

There will be a variety of food stands and a full bar service over the two days, there is no entrance fee and all profits will be donated to the Chamber of Commerce here on the island for donation to worthy causes.

Does anyone remember the event?  Let me know.  Very cool.

OH!  And one last thing – REALLY.  There is a free concert in the Old Football Field tonight sponsored by the US Embassy.  The band is Mo Mojo  and described as

Mo’ Mojo is a hard driving, high energy, Zydeco-based “Party-Gras” Band.
The female fronted group features three-part harmonies, accordion, fiddle,
guitar, rubboard, sax, trumpet, harp, bass, percussion, and drums.

Something different.  And just a few weeks before our Mardi Gras in San Pedro.  February’s carnival.  See you there?


Might be perfect for the Jerry Jeff Walker crowd that’s in town for next week’s WEEK 2 of Camp Belize.Jerry Jeff Walker crowd


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