Gorgeous Weather, Good Eats and Cute Spots in San Pedro

This week’s weather in San Pedro has been absolute perfection.  Cool in the morning and evening and warm sun all day.  A bit breezy the last day or two but now I’m just getting nit-picky.

Yesterday by a private home by Mata Grande Grocery Store (about 5 miles north.)

feb 14Me and Elsie the wonder dog on the Rojo/Azul dock.

feb 14 3

It was a week of political rallying – elections in San Pedro are coming up QUICK – March 4th…and kids gawking at them over the school fence.

IMG_7484 IMG_7474

Okay…on to the good eats.  Wednesday, for lunch, I had an extremely tasty burger at Blue Water Grill.  Green apple, thick thick bacon and lots of blue cheese.  Yum.


Thursday, for brunch, some friends and I went to the consistently delicious Mesa Cafe.  They have the best coffees in town…

I went for the Flat White.  A latte but with a teeny weeny almost zero amount of foam.


And my very very favorite – the Coconut French Toast.


They also do these deep fried hard boiled eggs wrapped in sage sausage.  With the slaw, they are divine.


ANd on the way out, on the south side of the Old Football field/Saca Chispas field on the lagoon side of town, I saw this super cute sign.


Just next to Juvinie’s Bar, this place could look no cuter.



They do local food – the specials for that day were Mushroom Chicken and Pig Tail with Split Peas (my fave) and super reasonably priced.  I’m going to circle back to try the hungry grouper.

And a bit farther north another eatery that I didn’t know about…Aurora’s Grill just outside the one grocery store in these parts.

Just south of this new spot.

feb 14 4

And then just past the Dive Bar at Sun Divers Resort…

feb 14 5

IMG_7531Love this little market and the sandy road…going on my “to-do” list.

Today is another GEM of a day.  Happy Sunday all.


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