Easter Winds Blow In A UDP Municipal Election Sweep and Some Changing Weather

Yesterday was the BIG day.  Municipal elections in San Pedro and across the country.  Our town has been covered in party paraphenalia.  In order of swag amounts, UDP (the incumbents & red), PUP (blue) and the newest independent party, VIP (yellow).  T-shirts, hats, FLAGS, hand outs…the stuff is everywhere.

Here are some pictures around the voting area (the San Pedro High School) yesterday at about 2pm.   Love the mural.


The polls closed at 6 and then the ballots (there are just about 7500 registered voters in San Pedro) counted and then…the celebrating begins.

The lane in front of the High School was kept relatively clear but the blocks around it were filled with booths, campaigners and flag wavers.

Samples of how to vote.



Taxis zipping around town to ferry voters to the polls…Tropic Air bringing in voters from around the country – those that remain registered in San Pedro.

And Commonwealth citizens that reside in Belize voting.


Here’s my friend Sue.  As a Canadian, who has resided in Belize for more than 12 months, she is qualified to register and vote.

Americans must wait for full citizenship.  Those are the rules.

And then at night, correspondent Finn was there to take pictures of the celebrations when UDP swept the ticket.

fin1 fin2 fin3

It was a GORGEOUS night for celebration.

moonriseYesterday, while elections were in full swing, the weather changed a bit.  The “March Blow”, the “Easter winds”, have started.  This morning the “breeze” is a steady 20mph with gusts up to 30.

I walked up north from town through the Boca Del Rio area and then over the bridge…




Another mile or so up by the Palapa Bar…

IMG_8308 IMG_8310 IMG_8315I love how the dark clouds and the bright beams of sunlight make the water almost neon.

Ak’Bol Yoga Retreat.

IMG_8318Beautiful to me.

Even the serious sargasso seaweed that has come in this week.


And back to talk of voting.  I AM qualified to apply for my citizenship.  I have been a tried and true proper resident for 5 years now.  As of January.  I am going to go to immigration today to pick up my application.

General Elections (which should be coming in the next two years) HERE I COME!




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