Just A Beautiful Summer Day on Ambergris Caye, Belize

A few days on the mainland, then two rainy gray day in San Pedro and then WOW!  Yesterday was absolute Belize Caye perfection.


I was up north and took a short walk around Rojo Beach Bar and their neighbor, Mata Chica Resort and here’s what I saw as the dark clouds moved out and the sea was left glowing neon blue.


Panchita, one of Rojo’s many dogs.


Dock view.


An extremely low tide…

IMG_1171It is almost time for the hermit crab adults to emerge from the jungle and lay their eggs in the water.  Last year it happened in this area around the beginning of July

hermie love

But back to yesterday…

The Belikin Beer boat “Beer Run” was delivering to Mata Chica.


And I walked out to the end of the dock.



IMG_1178Even the turtle grass along the dock is beautiful.


And the beach at Mata Chica as the last clouds move out.


I rolled back up to Rojo’s bar for an ice cold soda water…


One thing:  Keep your eyes on ticket prices to (and from) Belize.  They are wildly, never been this low in the last 8 years CHEAP.

I am quite sure it is the “Southwest Effect”.  Southwest Airlines, a “low cost carrier”, starts flying to Belize in October and their announced prices are LOW.

Just an example and I am using Kayak.com and the dates:  7/18 to 7/25

Los Angeles (LAX) to Belize $420US Non-Stop Delta

Chicago to Belize $509 Delta

Boston to Belize $359 United

Who knows if those rates will change today or in the next five minutes by they are surprisingly low and…well…look how beautiful summer in Belize can be!


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