A Walk Around Placencia, Belize on A VERY HOT Day

The kite boarders and those of us on boats had arrived just after sunset on Friday.  The trip down from Ambergris Caye to Placencia was a long bumpy ride and I was EXHAUSTED.  I scrubbed off the salt and fell fast asleep at one of my go-to budget spots in Placencia, Lydia’s.  A single room with a shared bathroom was all I needed.

The next morning, I awoke after 8am…to find not even a whiff of breeze.


I decided to grab a coffee at the lovely and super friendly Brewed Awakenings and take a walk.  It had to be 90 degrees already.  The weather was about to change…a cold front coming in.  It was going to be a doozy.

Super cute signs at Caribbean Beach Cabanas across the street. DO check this place out if you are coming to Placencia.

IMG_1737 IMG_1738

Double latte please.

pla5 (4)

I passed a gym/tattoo shop with a cool sign.


Time to hit the sidewalk.

pla5 (1)

$100 fine for bikes riding on it!  No joke.

pla2 (1)

Julia’s Guesthouse, another great budget place on the beach, has a new sign.

pla3 (3)

Next the very popular bar, the Barefoot Beach Bar…

pla5 (2)

And the equally colorful Tipsy Tuna.

pla4 (5)

This pretty lavender house, which has been boarded up for a while, is getting a face lift…love it.

pla3 (5)

A large new development is going up from street to beach (with the sidewalk in between) – it’s called Placencia Village Plaza.

pla4 (3)pla (5)pla3 (2)pla2 (2)

A house surrounded by and filled with conch shells.

pla3 (1)

pla5 (3)

A sign on an carving shack.

pla4 (1)

Rick’s Cafe…former chef from the Purple Space Monkey…things are moving around…I need to visit MUCH more often.

pla (4)

I love the flowers AND the mango trees.  Should be ready in another month or so?

pla3 (4)

The prettiest little art gallery.

pla (2)pla (1)

I do love the sidewalk.

pla4 (4)

Another favorite spot for breakfast or lunch…The Shak.pla1 (2)

And finally at the Municipal Pier where lots of people were already swimming.  Did I mention it was hot?

pla1 (3)

I joined the party with the kite surfing group for a bit and then looped back up on the road.  I also NEEDED a gelato from Tutti Frutti.  CRITICALLY.

Greatest name for a BBQ stand.

pla2 (5)

pla2 (3)pla2 (4)

I’m here!pla1 (5)

pla1 (4)

I walked out with a $5bzd double scoop of peanut butter and dark chocolate.


Passing one of Placencia’s most well known and admired restaurants – Rumfish y Vino.

pla1 (1)

I made my way back to Lydia’s to grab my bag and then hail the 2:30 Ritchie’s bus northward on the peninsula.  I wasn’t going far – perhaps 4 miles?  But taxis can be pricey…and you can’t beat $1bzd transportation.

da bus

And I had places to be…a pop-up dinner to attend that evening at the GORGEOUS Limilita at the developing It’zana Resort and Residences.  Sister resort to the gorgeous Ka’ana in Cayo.  But I have lots more to tell you about that.

Just a quick preview of my “temporary casita”!

pla (3)

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