Music Star Kelly McGuire: Breaking the Law in Belize

As discussions about non-citizens and lawlessness heat WAY up in the United States, it was oh-so-fitting yesterday that when I was running some errands in my home of San Pedro, Belize, I spotted foreign music star, Kelly McGuire, blatantly breaking our local laws.

But before we get to that, let me back up a bit…

Kelly McGuire is a Texas based singer/songwriter who visits San Pedro at least once a year for his annual February birthday bash.  He’s been known to make it down up to 3 times a year.  Kelly’s LOVE of Ambergris Caye and albums like “King of the Island” and “Boat in Belize” make him hugely popular down here and his story telling and SUPER friendly, easy going personality get you easily hooked, not matter what your musical tastes.

A few years ago at the old Palapa Bar location.

former palapa bar

Kelly is down here right now doing a variety of shows in a variety of places.  He’s got a big following so get to the shows early.

He’s helped raise money and awareness for SAGA Humane Society – and starred in a few public service announcements about spaying and neutering.  Very Bob Barker.  And for a variety of other charities.

Singing for SAGA a few years ago at Fido’s

me and kelly

What I am saying, if you can pick up what I am laying down, is that Kelly is a great guy – he is absolutely loved on this island- and I always assumed and hoped that he was also a law abiding one.

So you can imagine my surprise when I stumbled across this situation when I came out of the butcher shop yesterday…

So CLEARLY parked along the red curb.  Rightly receiving a ticket from the traffic department – they are just doing their jobs.


Please help me put an appropriate caption to this unfortunate photo – just put it down in the comment section.

Maybe we should pretend that didn’t even happen.  Kinda awkward.

Make sure you check out Kelly’s shows going on for the next few weeks.

Wednesday, February 1:  2-5pm, Captain Morgan’s Retreat, 2.5 Miles North

Thursday, February 2:  7:30pm to 9:30pm, around the pool at Ramon’s Village Resort

Friday, February 3,

island tackle

Sunday February 5th, Dive Bar, 1/2 mile north of the bridge

Paul Roush performing from 12-2 PM & Kelly McGuire 2-5 PM, come out and join us, great menu items to chose! “Painkiller and other drink and food specials”

For more dates and any changes and for information on his music, check out his web

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