Gorgeous November Continues with our First Real Cold Front of the Season

After a long sweaty summer, the gorgeous crispy clear sunny gorgeous weather continues.  Gorgeous I say.

Wait!  You might say…

Hasn’t she written this blog post 3x this week?

Perhaps I have.  But honestly…it’s THAT good.  Weather that has you grabbing a long sleeved shirt in the evening but in your bathing suit during the day.

Here is the forecast — barely touching 80 degrees over the next few days…northerly breeze.  LE sigh…

You’ll understand why I JUST WON’T STOP going on and on and on…here are some pictures from this weekend.

Downtown San Pedro town.

Estel’s Dine by the Sea – a breakfast spot you MUST enjoy at least once on your trip.  ** Eat Fry Jacks

And Central Park.

A bit farther north Sandy Toes Beach bar and the in-the-water seating

Wayo’s Beach Bar – they are building a new bar over the water (for more information on the spots mentioned, see below)

Saturday evening on the golf cart ride home.

Sunday morning yoga.  Ak’Bol Eco-Resort and Yoga spot has a class each morning.

And a stop at Rojo Beach Bar…looking SO beautiful.

Love this HUGE beach log with the giant shark’s tooth.

And further down the beach towards Mata Chica Resort.

I’m headed back out.  The Truck Stop should be HOPPING for the Grand Opening of THE POOL and pool bar.

I will be reporting back.  I hope you all had a great weekend.


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