The Cold Front Reaches Ambergris Caye Too

“Temperatures colder than Mars!”

“Bomb Cyclone” ravages NorthEast!

The headlines about snow-meggadon 2018- Winter Storm Grayson- make the situation sound more than downright miserable.  Just the term “thunder snow” sends a shiver up and down my spine.

I feel for you…I really do.  So I won’t talk at length about the temperatures on Ambergris Caye – how it is DRY and windy, how we went down to the 60s last night and we didn’t even use our air conditioner.  I won’t tell you about how this is as far out of our normal range as your temperatures are…

I’ll just show you pictures from my day, yesterday.  Running errands all over town.

And then read more about Mars.  I always pictured the red planet as rather toasty.

Everyone please be safe!

The New Years Decorations up in Central Park — maybe a few more days…there seem to be lots of people taking pics.

I peeped thru the fence at the new food court underway in town.  Opening soon, I am told.

I’ll have to add this to my list of Most Instagrammable Spots in Belize.

A new sign went up on Back Street for Iguana Juan’s.  Thoughtful burgers and vegetarian.  Interesting…

Their facebook page says:  “Conveniently located upstairs of an old building, on a back street, on an island, in Central America”


We stopped in to check on some furniture we ordered at a wood shop south of town.  Ziggy, the shop dog, was keeping warm in his usual spot.

I’m not sure he was happy to pose for my photo.

This wish willy found a comfy spot outside for lounging in the sun.  (I told him that he is LUCKY – his northern green neighbors are falling out of trees FROZEN!)

We headed just north of town – to the Boca Del Rio area.  Since the whipping wind was coming from the west side, the ocean was lovely.  Definitely the place to be.

Wayo’s Bar over the Water is almost complete – it looks lovely.  

Just north – there is one dock…

and then this…

Hurricane’s Ceviche Bar (formerly located just south of town between Ramon’s Village and Blue Water Grill) has moved.

The entire bar was loaded on a barge and moved!

Old situation – photo taken about 5 years ago

Earlier in the week…

And now it is being unloaded.  Mennonite workers are lifting the building up slowly…with wedges of wood.

Crazy impressive.

A dock to be built in this beautiful mangroved area.


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