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San Pedro LobsterFest 2019: It Just Gets Bigger and Better

Last night was the BIG San Pedro LobsterFest Block party.  LOTS of live music – including the AMAZING steel drum band and GilHarry 7 – one of the biggest bands in the country.  LOTS of booths serving lobster in countless ways…from Lobster Corn dogs to Lobster Tacos to fresh grilled tails…

I got there early – 4:30pm – a full half an hour before the event was supposed to start and everyone was ready to go.  The crowd would get BIG as the night went on…lots of eating and drinking and dancing.

I had made a big decision.  It may sound crazy but I said NO to sitting on the judges’ panel for Best Lobster Dish 2019.   After much back and forth – after doing it for years – I wanted to get there early…eat just one lobster dish – rather than 20 – and really enjoy things.

And get home feeling fresh rather than sweating butter.  You understand…right?  (Here’s my 2018 Judging write-up…I still feel a wee bit queasy thinking about it.)

So let me show you my pictures of an early night at 2019 Lobsterfest in San Pedro.

I got a nice pen and pad from the BTB.

Nothing smells better than this…

My old co-worker Kevin.

I was FASCINATED by this.  A hand cranked cotton candy machine.  I…feel like I need this in my house.  I mean…you have a blender, right?  A food processor?  Isn’t this the next obvious kitchen supply?

They were curious why I was so curious about this.  (Don’t read this short article on “The Nightmare That Is the Cotton Candy Machine.”)

I wasn’t even going to eat lobster but the smell…the sight of lobster tails being tenderly brushed with garlic butter was too much.

I decided to get a plate of tacos from Ramon’s Village’s booth.  They had me at avocado cilantro cream.  $20bzd for a HUGE plate.

I was stuffed.  I took another circle around the park – that was filling quickly!

Not totally sure about Pineapple Lobster Lasagne.

SUPER fun event.

It’s definitely a part of my book – 50 BIG Experiences on Ambergris Caye.  Or at least it’s one PART of a section – you can see the full table of contents in the Amazon link.

And an event you should mark on your calendar for 2020.

I hope to see you there!  You can Pin It to remember!

2019 Belize Lobsterfest

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