A GORGEOUS July Day: A Walk In Boca Del Rio

Happy National Dive Bar Day.

Or at least that’s what this questionable website tells me today is.  It’s also World Chocolate Day and National Forgiveness Day?   It’s also Nude Recreation Week…and National Unassisted Birth Day (a weird one to celebrate?) as is National Farriers Week!   Let me climb out of this rabbit hole right now…

What I DO know is that the weather has been pretty gorgeous.  HOT for sure but both the water and the sky were SO blue yesterday morning after a very brief rain so I took a walk up in the Boca Del Rio area on the north side of town.

And…I thought I’d share with you.

Did you know that at age 17 you get an L in your window when you have your learner’s permit?

Sparadise Day Spa – where I like to get a pedicure.

Martha’s Ice delivery at the Palapa Bar.

How appealing does this water look?

Jump in…or pull up a front row seat.

Until you do sit, remember:

Back down to the beach.

There is a HUUUUGE condo building going up – the tallest along this stretch by…a mile.

Let’s keep moving!

Working on the beach road…

Briana’s Beach House got a very cute lemony new paint job.

Someone selling craboo fruit.  (Also called nance)

They kinda taste like sweet, mealy…the texture is almost…olive-like.  They often smell like cheese.  I do not love them.  Can you tell?

Fun boat name.

Sandy Toes Bar and Grill – a favorite.

I’ve always loved the look of this spot – and it is for sale…

Love the beautiful hanging red mangrove.

The PRETTIEST swing tucked in a giant gnarled sea grape tree that I hope is NEVER cut down.

Wayo’s Bar.

Phew…it was HOT.   I found a log bench in Boca Del RIo park and….took it easy.

All photos taken by my iPhone 10 because I think my real camera broke again.  I’m not ready to talk about it.  I’m in denial.  Deep in my denial pile.

I shipped it to the states during the pandemic for repair…and UGH!

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