One Of the Hardest Working Guys in San Pedro: Anthony

Updated:  January 29, 2022

While I haven’t seen Anthony recently, I do know his son works at Castillo’s Hardware.  I asked about Anthony and found that he is doing well…retired and relaxing after many years of hard work.  Hooray!

I commute to town each day from down south.  And every single day, 7 days a week, Anthony is helping to keep the street clean.  Every single day, he smiles and waves.  So today, I stopped to have a chat.

He has been working for the town council for 8 years.  Every day he starts at Tropic Air at 6am and by noon he is by Marina’s.  Sweeping, picking up all the trash, keeping the street clean.   After lunch he continues until 5pm in the DFC area.  HOLY CRAP.  That is hard work and dedication.  And to do it with a smile?  Very very impressive.  Very San Pedro.

Go Anthony!  If you guys pass him on your ride into town, wave.  He is one hard-working dude.

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