Results From Your Favorite Bar Poll: You Love BCs

I’m trying to think back to my statistics classes…and I can remember nothing.  83 votes is all I got and I’m guessing that is not statistcally significant…but here is what I found out.

You had 5 choices:  Fido’s (the biggest and, with tourists, most popular bar in town), BCs (one of the last standing old school palapa bars right on the beach), Crazy Canucks (a local gringo hangout with a rocking Monday night live band and a very popular Sunday BBQ), Wet Willies (out on a pier…always a good thing…with the biggest party night of the week, Wednesday) and Wayo’s (north of town, on the beach in Boca Del Rio, quickly becoming a town favorite).

Winner?  BC’s (26 votes)!  Followed by CCs (20 votes), Fido’s (16 votes), Wayos (14 votes) and then Wet Willies (7 votes).

So I stopped by to take a few pictures of the bar.  Keep in mind that it is very windy this morning…so they pulled down the front panels and the sea is seriously churned up.  (Come on Arlene.)

BCs gets a mix of everyone.  They have a devout following of gringos that have lived in San Pedro forever.  (In fact, I might guess that a few of them have their Social Security check direct-deposited at the bar).  The bartenders are top notch.  You will never have an empty drink.  And the view is…well…ridiculous.  EVERYONE on vacation here finds their way to BCs at one time or another.  They are JUST south of Blue Water Grill.  The turn off on the road is a bit tricky…between TMM and Ali Baba.

Please participate in my next poll.  Your Favorite Thing to Do in San Pedro.

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