So You Think You Know About Belize? Part Two

Last week’s trivia quiz was quite popular and some said, a bit too difficult.   Too difficult?  No more excuses, lazy readers.  Start studying for next week’s! 
No more whining.  Let’s get to it.
1.  Which hurricane killed the most people in Belize?
2.  Belize loves manatees and we boast the highest density of any country in the world.  Manatee watching trips are very popular with visitors and residents.  It’s a seriously strange looking creature. (Look at that thing!)
What is the average life span of a manatee in the wild?  a.  25-35 years  b. 50-60 years  c. Over 65 years
3.  There are over 200 cayes (pronounced KEYs) off the Belizean Mainland.  Which of these names is NOT real?  a. Hen and Chicks Caye   b. Baby Roach Caye    c. Mama’s Caye
4.  Belize City is the largest city in Belize (approx 53k from 2010 census).  #2 is San Ignacio (17k).  What is #3?

5.  Which hotel in Belize has the most rooms?
6.  The United States recently built a RIDICULOUSLY huge embassy in Belmopan for who knows what reason.  Has any US president ever visited Belize?
7.  Belizean fishing cooperatives sell most of their lobster to one US company.  What is it?
8. Christopher Columbus made quite a few trips to the Caribbean but never visited the land now known as Belize.  What is the closest that he got?  a.  Cozumel, Mexico  b.  Honduras’ Bay Islands  c.  Cuba
9.  The big sports complex in Belize City that has fallen into a bit of disrepair is named after Marion Jones, the former track star and WNBA basketball player.  She is now more famous for her involvement with steroids.  She is also half Belizean and has dual citizenship.  Is it her mother or father that was born in Belize? 
10.  The term “coolie” (a term I always thought was a serious ethnic slur) is used often and without malice in Belize to describe someone of what ethnic background?
Bonus Question for the overly informed:  Standard & Poors rates the country of Belize B- due to the fact that if you loan the Government of Belize money, you don’t have a great chance of getting it back.    Name one country that is rated lower than Belize.  (Give yourself 2 points if you get this one!)

Your answers:

1.  The Great Hurricane of 1931.  Category 3 (Hattie in 1961 was Cat 5), 1931’s hurricane killed over 2,500 people.  It hit on a holiday, Sept 10th and was largely unannounced.  A direct hit to Belize City.
Mitch (1998) is considered the deadliest Atlantic hurricane since 1780…killing over 18,000.  11 in Belize and 14,600 in Honduras.  Horrible.
2. Manatees live 50-60 years.
3.  Mama’s Caye.  Fake fake fake.
4.  Belmopan, with just under 14,000.  I think San Pedro has more…no census taker stopped by my house.
5. Princess Hotel and Casino.  115 moldy rooms available for your staying pleasure.  And a really crazy casino show at midnight that involves dancing russian “show girls”.
6.  No.
7.  Red Lobster…I’ve seen estimates as high as 95% of Belize’s lobster.
8.  On his fourth and last trip, he landed in Guanaja (along with Roatan) one of the Bay Islands off of Honduras.  So, the answer is B.
9.  Her mother. 
10.  Indian or East Asian.
Bonus:  Greece.  CC.  Also B-:  Jamaica,  Pakistan, Ecuador and Grenada.

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