The Target or Walmart of San Pedro, Caye Supplies

Caye Supplies has been on Back Street since I moved to San Pedro but it has grown by about 5 times over the years by adding a second floor and getting so much more merchandise.  
When I first arrived in town,  it is nice to think that I wanted to live the simple life.  But I found that you needed to travel over to Belize City to buy good pots, pans, bar & restaurant needs, towel, sheets, pillows and other necessities.  I needed stuff.
This has changed since Caye Supplies has expanded, no travel necessary.  Now you can find almost anything there.  (Almost anything).  It is still more expensive than Belize City…but unless you need to buy in bulk (or you are taking a trip over to Chetumal, Mexico), this is the place for you.
Electronics are MUCH more expensive than the US…but prices on other things vary depending where they are from.

Tons of kids toys in every price range.

One of my favorite sections is party decorations, wrapping paper and favors.  They’ve got great stuff if you are organizing a get together at home or at your bar or restaurant.  The red, white and blue stuff is already coming in for September celebrations.   Sept 10th  is St. George’s Caye Day and Sept 21st is Independence Day.

 School supplies for miles.  The good stuff.  Not the knock-off stuff they have in A&R.

The have lots of kitchenware, pretty much anything even a seasoned cook would need and upstairs is restaurant and bar needs.  For the most part, they have it all right now.  The place is very clean, well lit and has very helpful staff.
This is the restaurant/hotel section on the second floor.

This is the new window display.  All the makings of an excellent bachelor pad bedroom.  Purple polyester satin bedspread, black sequined pillows and the bed is even tilted for easy ejection of the ladies when you want them to leave.  All you need is the mini-bar and the surround sound stereo, maybe a chest baring shirt and a funky gold medallion.  Come and get it at Caye Supplies.  I’m a big fan of this place.

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