WSOP Finalist Dines at Pedro’s Inn Plus Some Aug 4th early morning Pics

Belize’s current superstar, World Series of Poker Finalist Bob Bounahra came by Pedro’s Inn yesterday afternoon for a HUGE Prime Rib and Ham lunch before heading up to Grand Caribe for an all-nighter of Texas Hold ‘Em.

Let me talk first about the food since I haven’t eaten like that ever in Belize.  It was all Maureen/Madame of AquaFit fame.  She cooked her butt of all morning.  I was practically weeping as I ate.   Here is the menu:  Prime Rib (medium rare), Ham, Mustard/Horshradish sauce, Mashed Potatoes, Baked Potatoes, Applesauce, Broccoli and Cauliflower in Cheddar Sauce, Yorkshire Puddings, Peas, Beans, Gravy, wine…it was insanity.  And so so good.  I still have a bit of a food/fat hangover this morning.

Blah…back to the poker.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love the fact that Belize, our little country of 300,000, has a contestant in this international event.  And I did learn the basics a few weeks ago and had fun.  But the whole “boys’ club” atmosphere is a bit of a turn-off.  You guys think you are smarter than me?  2013 WSOP?  GET READY FOR SANPEDROSCOOP!

Back to reality.  Originally the Wednesday night’s tournament was to be held at Pedro’s but it was moved elsewhere (a bit of a snafu).  Here is the well stuffed crew before they left in a cavalcade of golf carts.

A quick note:  Bob Bounahra and Peter (left and right behind the t-shirt) are not far off in age.  Peter could be this guy’s father.  Maybe poker keeps you young…

This is probably the scene they saw on their way home.  And what I saw this morning at 5.45am.  Cue the corny sunrise music.  Maybe Phil Collins or Kokomo, Beach Boys?  Up to you.

So that’s what a sunrise looks like.

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