Early Bird Specials & Bingo: Friday Night In San Pedro

For a while, I was attending bingo at the San Pedro Lions’ Den quite a bit.  I know what you are thinking…doddering senior citizens, a smoke filled room, maybe some muzak in the background…but you’d be surprised.  Bingo is quite the happening social event in this town.  A great mix of people:  San Pedranos, gringos, tourists, kids, families.  It was time to attend again.  Maybe win a little money…but first dinner.

Bingo starts pretty early…people begin to show up around 7pm.  So we headed to Caliente’s for a quick bite to eat.  Caliente is the best Mexican style place on the island.  If you’re in San Pedro for a week or if you live here, Caliente’s should be on your hit list.  And bonus:   Friday is 2 for 1 margaritas (which are great) as well as taco night.  I had 2 margaritas (I mean…come on!…I’d be crazy not to) and the Chicken & Pineapple Tacos.  Both were really, really good.  Time for Bingo.

Here is Roger.  A Lion and the caller for the first half of the night.

And here is Red, the long time bartender and master griller.  He does the Friday night BBQ (did I mention that you can get dinner here too?) and keeps everyone well served.  Beers are 3 for $10bzd and they now have buckets of ice to serve them in.  Lions’ Den might be one of the best bars in town.

Here is my DUD card.  A total loser.  But  Lara, sitting right next to me, won the big jackpot for the BLACKOUT round.  (For bingo newbies, that is when you need to check off every number on your board).  $240bzd!  Beers, obviously, were on her for the rest of the night.

Hey Lara, no need to rub it in my face.

Actually my card was not a total washout.  They did choose a number for a free drink.  #14! 

By the end of the night, the place was almost full…and here is George with his new baby.  Look how happy he is!

Some special guests were allowed to put the numbers on the board.
Some crowd shots…I’m telling you, this is the Friday evening place to be.  Bottom line:  If you live here or if you are visiting, want to eat great food, drink cold beers, donate money to a worthy cause and meet a wide range of super friendly people, Lions’ Den Friday night Bingo is your spot.  Don’t be intimidated when you peek in.  Sit at any free seat and a Lion will rush up to serve you a beer.  I promise good times.

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