Puttin’ On The Ritz in San Pedro

Last night was quite the fancy event as Crave Restaurant teamed up with Chef Gunther (of Mathieu’s Deli) to present a six course fixed dinner for a crowd.  Here is the menu (in brief):  Amuse Geuele (I told you fancy…French!), Pate with Cranberry Bread, Sea Bass with Celery Mousse, Spinach Basil Ravioli, Beef Tenderloin and Vanilla Creme with Kakaw Chocolate Sauce.

Ooh la la.  I’m in!  I put on my finest  (Real sandals instead of flip flops, my usual shorts, shirt and a glitter clutch bag) and headed out the door.  I even dried my hair!

Not overly  fancy…Jan wasn’t above licking her dessert plate.

Crave Restaurant is right in the center of town and the place was packed for the cocktail hour.  I’m guessing there were 70ish guests.  Many were drinking a really tasty champagne cocktail. 

I took a few pictures while we waited to be seated.  Like a wedding, there was a seating chart and cards at the table.

Like me, some people opted for fancy shoes…here’s an example.

This is Dov, the one wearing the strange foot glove pictured above.

And then we all were seated…

And the food came.  Here is the pate and the beef tenderloin…delish.  The beef, Gunther tells me, is from Orangewalk, Belize.  I was surprised, it was really tender and tasty.
Wine was flowing, the place was buzzing with music and conversation.  It was a very good time and the food was over-the-top good.  A really nice change of pace in San Pedro…and definitely a great idea to liven up a very slow September.
Anna and Gunter (below) as well as the entire staff from Crave received a standing ovation at the end of the night.
And everyone was a bit sleepy from food and drink.  Cindy was sitting at my table and her daughter arrived to let her know that it was 11pm…and time to go.
My recommendation?  If/when they have this event again, make a point to go!  Or, on a much smaller scale, stop by Mathieu’s Deli and and just try Gunther’s food.  You’ll be happy you did.  Don’t worry…I’ll visit it soon to give you the true SanPedroScoop.

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