Casa Picasso: A Vietnamese Feast And Some Very Tasty Cocktails

Last night, Casa Picasso restaurant closed for a special event.  Tien, the chef, was preparing a fixed 3 course menu of tasty Vietnamese plates by reservation only.  Casa Picasso’s menu always has a touch of an Asian flair …from Malaysian Chicken Satay to Shrimp Fritters with Spicy Peanut sauce…but there is tons more.  Like Crab Mac & Cheese, Belizean Stewed Chicken Sliders and Molten Chocolate.  Sophisticated eclectic?  World fusion?  I’m sure there is some fancy term…but to me?  The food is just good.Plus, I LOVE VIETNAMESE FOOD.  And prepared by a Vietnamese chef?  I signed up…and arrived early.  The martinis called me from my home.  I wasn’t the only one early.

As the crowd rolled in, everyone ordered a cocktail at the very cool bar in the front of the restaurant.  The cocktail (part of the prix fixe) was a lime-aid or watermelon martini.  (I tried one of each…it is research after all.)

Everyone was seated.  The chef presented the menu and, since he is Vietnamese, spoke of how the food is very dear to his heart.
The first course was classic spring rolls, a tangy, tasty green mango salad (finally!  green mango made in a way that tastes good!) and a divine barbecued pork.  It was sweet…almost like pig candy.  I could have eaten a bucket of this stuff.  (See?  I could not take the picture without eating some.)
We then had potentially Vietnam’s most famous dish, Pho.  A steaming bowl of broth, rice noodles, thinly sliced beef and the fixings (shown below).
Around 9pm, fireworks went off.  Bravo Casa Picasso!  What a great added unexpected and very Asian touch.  (Note:  the display had nothing to do with the restaurant, there was a huge HUGE wedding going about a block away…but we can pretend.)
The dessert was last and my favorite.  I’m a dessert person completely.  (Might be why I loved the sweet and savoury pork confection so much.)  Delicious almond cookies sandwiching homemade coconut ice cream that was about 75% shredded coconut.  Right up my alley.
Bottom line:  Casa Picasso is a seriously cool place.  Great spot for a romantic dinner, a meal with friends or just a martini at the bar.  The menu has something for everyone.  More than that…you will find it hard to choose.  AND, if you have reservations, they will send a taxi for you.  On them.
If you want to attend their next event…for all you manly men and ladies who just love a good T-Bone, it’s called “The Big Smoke” on Thursday, June 14th.  Steak, cigars and scotch.  Gets your prepped for the beginning of Lobsterfest, the following week.  And takes me right back to the Wall Street Days…
Check out their website ( for the full menu and you can track their events on Facebook.

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