The 8th Annual Reef Eco-Challenge – A Great Town Event

Each year, two-man or woman teams of kayakers take to the water for a 42 mile, two day kayaking marathon.  The event highlights reef conservation and environmental friendliness and is just a super fun competition for those paddling (I’m hoping…these guys looked WHIPPED at the end) and for those on shore enjoying a Belikin and cheering them on.The event started at 6am, Saturday at the football field at the back of time.  The racers paddled up to Bacalar Chico (the Mayan dug split that separates Ambergris Caye from the Yucatan Peninsula), camped over night and paddled back down yesterday.

Colleen took this great picture as they were just started out Sunday morning way up north.

I walked into town just after noon…plenty of time to catch the end, right?  It always had been in the past years.  Guess what…I missed it.  Apparently my transition back from HondurasScoop to SanPedroScoop is not going to be a smooth one…
But there was a DJ, a big crowd and a Belikin tent.  All the makings of a good after party.
Instead of kayakers racing through the finish line, there were kids playing beneath it.
There were all sort of prizes at the end (not just ones for the true winners).  There was:  kayaker who had the most fun/smiled the most, most eco-friendly team,  team that got the most lost, team that came in last place (apparently both of their paddles broke as they were just starting out Saturday morning).  Elito Arceo, the organizer and host of the award ceremony, was having a good time recounting stories of the two day event.  He’s a pretty funny guy.
A bit disappointed by missing the end of the race, I consoled myself at Estel’s with friends and a ice cold Michelada.
Here is a picture of this delicious morning beer cocktail at the Squirrel’s Nest at Mata Rocks.  Estel’s makes an equally tasty one.  Click here for the recipe.   Ice, mix and jump start your day correctly.

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