No Shoes, No Shirt, No Pants, No Problem? A Nudist Island in Belize

I received an interesting tip from a friend about the planning stages for a nudist-eco island in Belize.  Intriguing.  So I became a fan of the project on Facebook for a bit more information.   The page is relatively new but has some.  Here is what I found…

The idea right now is called Bare Island Retreat and will be more rustic, eco-lodge set up and less 5 star hotel.

(When I am nude, rustic and “eco” are the last words I want to hear…bugs, dirt, splinters oh my.  My friend Cesar insists that the only materials used to construct a naturist colony should be the finest marble and rabbit pelts.  He may have a point…)

There will be villas for sale for those who like to be sans clothing year round and there will be cabanas for rent.  The island (west of Ambergris Caye) will be self sufficient with wind and solar energy and a collected water source.  There will also be a “small grocery store and additional assorted shops that will offer such things as hair cuts /styling, nails salon, restaurant etc. This little island community will also offer those that choose to live there to have the opportunity to work an/or volunteer their expertise.”

When it is completed it will be called “Common Ground” and house 30-40 people at a time.  (I say stick with Bare Island…Common Ground sounds like a rehab center to me.)

According to their twitter page (which is almost all seriously dirty talk and porn links), it will be a “25 acre private naturist project island with no fences or walls nudist retreat in Central America, english speaking country of Belize.”

There is one snag in the plan…they are looking for investors.

Become a fan or an investor via Facebook – NaturistIlsland.

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