Very Cool Pictures: Paving the Air Strip in San Pedro

If you have flown on or off Ambergris Caye over the past few weeks, you may have noticed that they are paving the air strip.  It is used by the airlines all day…and the pavers need to work during the day.  Here are some pretty cool pictures of the airlines and the construction company working together.

Love the construction umbrellas.

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  • Wow – Not the safest way to do the job. Should have used lights and paved at night?

  • Hard to Belize it! Don’t think we’d see that in the U.S.! : )

  • AJ, I don’t even think they have those “night construction” lights down here — that’s why they have to do it during the day!

  • Emily,
    Even a bunch of flashlights would have been better. An aborted take-off would have been very messy.

  • That’s true, AJ. After seeing how construction is done down here on concrete buildings without hard hats, steel-toed boots, or eye protection, I have to say that that’s just Belize for ya!