Captain Morgan’s Casino Packed with Costa Maya Beauty Queens: San Pedro Scoop Predicts the Winners

Last night, the 2012 Costa Maya International Pageant Queens hit Captain Morgan’s Casino and Resort for dinner, charity for our local humane society (SAGA), lots of photos and a bit of gambling.Here are (from the left) Miss Mexico, Miss Nicaragua, the reigning Miss SAGA San Pedro, Ari Trejo (as voted by me), Miss Belize and Miss Guatemala.  Go Ari!

Let’s back up one second for some background.  Since is inception in 1991, Costa Maya has been the biggest international festival in all of Belize.  Now, it draws people from all over the country and Central America with a Thursday night beauty pageant (the real deal) and live music and entertainment all weekend long.  It’s a huge party weekend in San Pedro.  All the bars are full, many of the hotels, every golf cart is rented…the beach is one big festival.  For ALL of the information, check out their website…they really improved it this year.

Here is the sign featuring the two international artists that will be performing.  A little Caribbean reggae and a bit of Latino flair.

Ok, back to me, me, me.  Captain Morgan’s has a free boat service up to the Casino each night leaving from the Fido’s dock.  We took an early boat.  And hung out by the pool for a few minutes.  Quite pleasant really…
We paid $20bzd at the door (all donated to SAGA) and received a $10USD coupon for gambling.  Perfect.  That’s about all the penny slots I can take.  I was drawn to this strange machine.  Wonder why they chose Rembrandt to feature?  Bizarre.
I turned my $10USD in $59.50USD and cashed out.  I’m the worst gambler ever.  (Or am I a gambling genius?  You be the judge.)  All I know is that my patience is close to zero for this kind of thing.
Perfect timing…the Costa Maya girls were on their way in.  They did a bit of mixing around the room, flirting with some goofy, googly eyed American frat guys…talking to the other guests at the casino (which was becoming more and more crowded as the night went on), posing for lots of pretend-gambling shots and then some more formal photos.
I continue to be amazed by their sixth sense.  If there is a camera within 100 feet, a queen will strike a pose and smile.  Impressive.
The casino has plenty of slots, poker (the big table was full), black jack and roulette.
Since I don’t think I will make it to the pageant on Thursday night, I had my own Costa Maya competition.  And based on very little, I am able to declare winners in the categories of my choosing.  I am also taking bets, but only ones where I will be the clear winner, so feel free to contact me with comments at the end of this blog.
Here are all the ladies.  Everyone was EXTREMELY gracious about posing for pictures.  One of them is my friend Jamie visiting from NJ…can you guess which one?
All of the queens are jacked up on some serious heels.  And at 5 foot 10 in flip-flops, shorts and a t-shirt, I felt like a troll.  Or an oompa loompah.  Sigh…
Let’s meet the candidates…in no specific order.   Miss Panama.
Miss Honduras.
Miss El Salvador.
Miss Belize, our home favorite.
Miss Costa Rica.
Miss Guatemala.
Miss Nicaragua.
Miss Mexico.
All the women are beautiful but there’s got to be a winner.  Right?  I present to you your 2012 Miss Costa Maya International queens!  (In the complex ballot system, scores were adjusted to compensate for my amateur photography.)
Miss Photogenic:  Miss Belize
Miss Statuesque:  Miss Guatemala.  In shoes she had to be six foot six.
Miss Congeniality:  Miss Nicaragua.
Miss Poise:  Miss Costa Rica
Miss Fashion Plate:  Miss Mexico (those crazy silver shoes above are hers)
And the ultimate grand supreme is:  Miss Nicaragua!   And first runner up is Miss Belize.
Thanks to Captain Morgan’s Casino for helping SAGA raise as much money as they possibly can for the dogs and cats of San Pedro.  Good crowd and a super fun night.  And good luck to all of the Costa Maya ladies.  You are awesome.  Have a great time Thursday night.  And everyone here in San Pedro, go cheer them on.  Talent, evening gowns, bikinis…oh my.
A side note:  Love the name of the event “A Full House of Queens”.  A nightclub in my old neighborhood of Cheslea, NYC had the exact same event (but a slightly different crowd) each and every Thursday night.

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