The Trip Out to the Cayo District and An INCREDIBLE Resort In the Mountains

Yesterday afternoon I boarded the San Pedro Belize Express Water taxi to make a trip out to the mainland with a friend.  She had an incredible offer to visit Hidden Valley, a resort on a massive 7200 acre reserve in the Pine Ridge area of Western Belize…and there was no way I wasn’t going to tag along.The water taxi is offering the round-trip ticket San Pedro/Belize City for only $45bzd for the month of July.  You can’t beat that…

And yesterday was a gorgeous day for a boat ride.

Only one hour and 15 minutes.  I’m a big fan of sitting on top for the view and the breeze.

Walter, a driver and tour guide from the lodge, picked us up at the water taxi terminal.  Hey, that’s me!

We made a brief pit stop on the highway at Cheers Bar.  I’ve been here before and am always a bit baffled by the signs.  Some sort of holdover from the British army guys stationed in Belize…can anyone translate?

Perhaps those very same soldiers contributed to this massive t-shirt collection

We continued on the San Ignacio (the closest large town) to pick up another guest and then off to the Inn.

About 45 minutes down a well maintained dirt and red clay road we came to the…

Little did I know that we had climbed 2000 feet and that Hidden Valley is the highest elevated resort in all of Belize.  For a more specific location, here is a map that I snagged from

As you can see…there are a ton of attractions including Mayan Ruins (like Caracol, Belize’s largest), water falls, caves and rivers to see.

And that means that I am off for a day of outdoorsy fun.  The falls, a coffee plantation, bird and animal watching.   I’m pretty excited.  My feet?  Not so much.  They are in a closed pair of shoes (non flip flops) for the first time in about 8 months.  Let’s see how they do.

Here are some quick pictures of the resort.  It is absolutely fantastic.

The great room in the lodge.  Every room has a fireplace.  In Belize!   And it makes sense…last night, after a warm sunny day, we enjoyed blissfully chilly sleeping weather.  (Well…chilly for Belize, I’m guessing it was probably in the mid 70s.)

Our welcome hand massages…

My eggs benedict this morning.

Many many more pictures tomorrow.

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