Garifuna Settlement Weekend Starts On A Gorgeous Day

Garifuna Settlement Day is always November 19th and honors the Garifuna people that landed in Central America 180 years ago.

The Garifuna are descendents of the Caribbean Arawaks and Caribs and the people of West Africa.  The amazing food, dress, language and especially music permeates life in Belize (particularly in the south).  And this whole week has been dedicated to celebrating that culture.

Yesterday was a gorgeous day to do it.  Looking north towards Ramon’s Dock.

And Hurricane’s Ceviche Bar.  The water is very low and perfectly flat.  A nice cool breeze blowing from the north.

All the school kids were wearing yellow to commemorate the holiday and they paraded through the streets followed by our local drum corp.

Did you know that there is a Garifuna flag?
Here is a very cool picture taken by Tony Rath in Dangriga (Belize’s cultural capital) of the traditional recreation of the Garifuna landing.

A rainbow?  Almost too good to be true.

And we found some Garifuna drummers and singers performing a bit farther down the beach.

I’ve always wanted a set of turtle drums.  Made from turtles that died a natural death…

There is PLENTY going on this weekend both directly and indirectly related…here is the schedue:

Saturday November 17
National Sailing Regatta in Central Park, 11am to 4pm
Cultural Exhibition and Food Sales, Central Park, 9am to 6pm
Jankunu dances House to House 1 to 6pm
Drumming, Singing, dancing in the park, 6 to 11pm
Kelly McGuire at Fido’s to Benefit the Sailing Team, 6-9pm

Sunday November 18

National Sailing Regatta in Central Park, 9am to 3pm
Traditional All Night Cultural Celebration 7pm to LATE
Battle of the Drums
Jankanu and Cherikanari Dances

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