New Things Around Town: Restaurants, Stores and NEW Micro-Brewed Beer!

Yesterday I took a walk into town.  There is usually some new business or a bit of action or exciting gossip to be found.  Yesterday, I found all three.  This post really is a “mash up” of topics but generally, this is how my days go.After a very rainy morning, things were looking up.  Not perfect but not bad at all.  All over Facebook there are gorgeous pictures of a full double rainbow and even a full triple rainbow and I missed the whole thing.   Perhaps the best one I’ve seen is by Jose Luis Zapata Photography.  Take a look.

The Belize Yacht Club continues to put up new signs and get ready for new businesses.

And the new creperie/bar on the beach with seating for about 1000.  Not yet open for business but very very close.

A bit of excitement.  A woman was trying to enter the property to (as she said) “go to her home”.  She was with a small child and videotaping the whole time.  Two BYC security guys were quite aggressively trying to keep her at bay.


Apparently over the past few weeks, some long term renters have been vacated.  From what I hear, owners cannot independently rent their units out anymore.  Apparently this has caused some…ahhhh…complications.

Not my business…time to move along.  It’s turkey time in San Pedro.  Though Thanksgiving is not widely celebrated by Belizeans, Christmas time is turkey time.  You’ll see lots of businesses, fundraisers and vendors selling “turkey plates”.

I always love Quality Poultry’s logo and I have been begging them for a (free) t-shirt for years now.  (Quality has a few different stores.  This one is located on front street by the Water taxi.)

This is the chicken for we!

Next I stopped into one of the cutest shops I’ve been to in a while.  Opened just about a month ago, the owners moved down from Hawaii to San Pedro.  They own other stores by this name and design and manufacture the clothes in Indonesia.  SO CUTE.

I saw these little girl sundresses and was expecting super high prices.  (It also made me want to have a few kids…well just for a few delusional seconds…these dresses are that cute.)

They are not expensive.  Honestly…actually very reasonable.  RubiMoon also carries clothes for women in bright and more subdued colors.  Make it a point to stop in, they have some gorgeous stuff.  RubiMoon is on the Front Street right across the street from the San Pedro Town Council.)

Next to the post office where I picked up a copy of a new book to review.  Sent to me by the publisher.  (Feel free to be impressed and if they sent one to you too?  I don’t want to hear about it.)  Stay tuned.  I’m already half way through and it’s really good.  There was EXTENSIVE research done to write this book.

The town is widening the street near the clock tower which is a great idea.  It was getting to be a tight squeeze to maneuver vehicles between the clock, the pedestrians and bicyclists and all the benches and vendors.

AND…the building across from Tropic Air (formerly Lime and Jambels) is reopened again as a local restaurant.

The MOST exciting news is about the new brewing company.  The founders of Ambergris Brewing Company received a license a few months ago to start brewing and distributing beer.  Micro-brewed beer here in Belize.  They are getting ready to start production in early 2013!  With 12 or so flavors including a Vanilla Bean stout that will be distributed at 2 or 3 specially chosen establishments on the island.

It is called Island Time Brewing Company.  Love it and I can’t wait to see the logo!  Think of the amazing merchandising they can do.  EVERYONE will want a t-shirt and a hat and a koozie.  (Can you see how giddy I am about this business venture?)

What an amazing coup for those few bars…I can only imagine the fight there will be to serve it.  And I, for one, can’t wait to taste it.  It should be interesting to see how they narrow down the list of 12 to 4 or 5.  Everyone has favorites, local tastes can be so different from expats…I can’t wait to be part of the process!

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