Trying Something New: Sandbar Bar & Restaurant

Update at the bottom of the post.
I love something new.  Another sports bar in San Pedro?  Serving wings and Belikins?  Ho-hum.  There are so many bars and restaurants in this town, that I do love it when someone has the creativity (or the money) to try something more.  (It’s VERY hard to come up with new ideas for a bar.)  And yesterday, when I stopped by the new Sandbar (the former Playa Chel), I saw that they are doing just that.

Let’s get one thing straight from the get-go, they are absolutely blessed to be leasing one of the best locations on the island.  And a really gorgeous set of buildings and furniture.  Bless and ambitious.  This rent can not be cheap.  And you are right next to a few other bars…Ambergris Brewing Company and Wet Willy’s.

On the beautiful stretch of beach right on the northern edge of town, across from Wet Willy’s, they have set up what I’ve been begging for…for years!  A beach club.  Comfy lounge chairs and a bartender to bring you cold Belikins.  HURRAY!

Hip hip hurray!

They are also setting up…wait for it…

a sort of mini-water park!  The swimming area between the two docks has been roped off.

Tubes are already available and a 10 foot slide into the water is going to be installed.  At least you will know where you can find every single kid in town.

Okay, back to the restaurant.  They have taken down one of the bars (remember there used to be two full bar structures in front?) and the view from your bar stool couldn’t be better.

And the taste of a beer that only costs $4bzd all day is also sweet.   The menu is quite simple but I’d heard from a few people that the pizza is divine.  And I think the prices are totally reasonable.  Perhaps the cheapest pizzas in town.  (Though note that sales tax is NOT included in the listed price.)

We also ordered the conch fritters.  Very tasty.  Not too greasy which is always the problem for me.

And the Asparagus Pizza.

I loved the fresh asparagus.  What a treat.  I haven’t tasted that vegetable in ages (it’s not really available in Belize and when it is, at a specialty store, it is crazy expensive).  And the flavor was great…it was just a bit undercooked.  I like a little crisp to my crust, a little brown bubble to my cheese.  Next time I will ask for it well done.

And there will be a next time.  The location, the cheap drinks, the beach lounge, a delicious Michelada, the location, and just the overall set-up will certainly have me visiting Sandbar again.  Did I mention the location?

I wish them luck.  And will be very curious to see how they keep the 10,000 kids (give or take) of San Pedro safe and off that slide!  Or maybe that is just part of the fun.

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UPDATE:  As of August 2013, there has been no water park set up at the Sandbar & the beach lounge area has shrunk quite a bit…a little bit disappointing.

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