Beautiful Souvenirs & Delicious Desserts: Kakaw’s Chocolate Boutique Opens in San Pedro

I am always on the look-out for great souvenir places with Belizean made products to recommend.  And even more….ALWAYS looking for a place that does great desserts (an often over-looked or super pricey part of meals here in San Pedro).  Yesterday, the Belize Chocolate Company opened it’s “chocolate boutique” on Front Street and…well…it’s perfect.  So cute that when I win the Power Ball lottery once and for all?  I am getting these guys to install a baby blue and brown chocolate room right in my home.

Today is a double post day so I’ll keep this mostly pictures and less of my blabbing.  But, really, the pictures say it all.

They have some very cool sitting areas to enjoy your hot chocolate and chocolate cheesecake slice.

The tables are full of cacao beans.

The chocolate bar.

The whole place smells divine.  I am sure they are still working on the Kakaw cologne.  But until that is done…there is tons of cute stuff.


What?  Not garbanzos?

Beautifully packaged body products.  Even Chocolate Mint Body Scrub.

And this Chocolate Orange Whipped Body Butter.  I took a whiff…yum.  You might want to be careful with this stuff…you’ll smell TOO good.

Even cacao earrings.  Perhaps even better than the cologne.

And the CHOCOLATE!   Here are the Kakaw bars and their yummy flavors.  (Sorry to overuse the word yummy…but what are the alternatives?  I despise the word scrumptious!)


Noah’s sauce.

Bon-bons, chocolate cheesecake by the slice (that was selling out quick!), delicious choclately brownies, cookies…a great place to stop in after lunch or instead of lunch!

A gorgeous shop.  Love it.  Love their chocolate.  And love the lovely owners Jo and Chris.  That’s a lot of love.  Stop in.

To follow the Belize Chocolate Company & Kakaw chocolate on Facebook, click here.

Or check out their very cool website.

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