A Serious Walk Around Caye Caulker: Part Three

A few weeks ago, I went on a serious walk-about all over the island of Caye Caulker and took SO many pictures.  In Part One and Part Two, I had lunch at the Happy Lobster, passed lots of hotels and restaurants and made it down to the Split.

Caye Caulker is such a cool place to visit…the island is so manageable (look at what I saw in only a few hours), you feel like you know everyone’s name after a day or two and there are so many reasonably priced places to stay and eat.  And you can also go upscale if you want…

Plus, it’s absolutely gorgeous.

IMG_2964-2And the Rasta boat that is always parked down there.
IMG_2966-2On the way back up the island and towards the lagoon side, I passed this very cute hotel that I’d never seen before.  Sea Dreams Hotel.  From looking at the website, the owner is also the founder of the Ocean Academy, the first high school in Caye Caulker.  Very cool.

IMG_2967-2They have a very pretty dock on the lagoon.


Oddly, still on the lagoon side, I passed a grazing sheep…lamb?  Never seen one of those on the cayes before.  This was just before Easter so…no no…I’m sure he’s fine.


And this odd bit of art work underneath a house.  In Belize, Elvis lives!  Or at least this bizarro Elvis and Palm Tree Priscilla.


And back on the ocean side, this favorite Caye Caulker sign.IMG_2976-2

Random Yoga by donation…

IMG_2978-2Habaneros Restaurant, open only for dinner.  This place is GOOD.

IMG_2981_1024x768Seaside Cabanas…a very nice hotel.  I think that when I stayed there six or seven years ago, it was the only pool on the island.  Now there are a handful.

IMG_2982_1024x768 IMG_2984_1024x768

And continuing on…up the beach…is this intriguing spot.  It has an almost Bates Motel feel to it.  A huge front lawn…Vega Inn.

IMG_2986-2According to the website, they have been in operation for 40 years!  One of the very first hotels?  And offer everything from rooms to apartments to camping.  I’m going to have go inside this place next time.  I’ve got lots of questions.

There are all sorts of little hotels along this strip of beach.  Most look quite simple.

IMG_2993_1024x768 Lots of cute looking cabins at the Tropical Paradise Hotel.IMG_2994_1024x768 IMG_2995_1024x768 IMG_2996_1024x768 IMG_2997_1024x768

Still ocean side continuing up towards the air strip…Colinda Cabanas.

IMG_3003_1024x768And this place, which I have only spotted by boat, Ignacio’s Cabins.  Intriguing.

IMG_3004_1024x768Feels like some old deserted summer camp in the Poconos but there were a few people staying there.
IMG_3008_1024x768Apparently I was not deemed a trespasser and therefore not chased.


The dock has certainly seen better days.


You are a 5 minute walk into Caye Caulker town…but this place seems like the middle of no where.  You would almost feel like a castaway.  I like it.  This could make a very good blog…IMG_3009_1024x768

Time to cut in to the airstrip and back down the main road/the only road into town.

IMG_3019_1024x768 IMG_3020_1024x768 IMG_3021_1024x768 IMG_3022_1024x768

What is it about Canadians?  They always need to identify themselves…patches on back packs…your own bars (Crazy Canucks in San Pedro) and guest houses…pfffft.IMG_3027_1024x768

The same artist as Elvis?IMG_3029_1024x768


And again…I haven’t even made it to the AWESOME FRIDAY JAM session at the Sports Bar.  I promise, though, to wrap this up some time in 2013.


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