My First Pictures of the Devastating Fire at Ramon’s Village: Small Fires Still Burn

I walked to Ramon’s at dawn…I will fill in the words as I go but here are all of the pictures.  I would estimate that 50% of Ramon’s has been levelled.  The sea front buildings are smoke damaged but looking pretty good.  AMAZING after the fire we saw last night and the propane tanks being opened and exploding.

History of Ramon’s that I snagged from Lan Sluder’s post on

“The resort has quite a history. It opened in 1981 on the site of the island’s first resort, Reef Colony. Reef Colony had been set to open in late 1961 but was destroyed by Hurricane Hattie on Halloween before it opened. The Holiday Hotel then opened in 1965 as the first real resort hotel on the island.

Ramon’s opened on land owned by local fishing guide Ramon Nuñez, who became the original manager of the hotel and remained associated with the resort. It was originally called Ramon’s Reef Resort.

Later Ramon’s was purchased by Richard Headrick, a businessman from Mississippi, who over the years greatly expanded the resort. It had been extensively renovated over the past several years.”

I will edit down as the morning progresses!  The entire town smells of smoke.

IMG_2479 IMG_2480 IMG_2482 IMG_2484 IMG_2486IMG_2486 IMG_2487 IMG_2488 IMG_2489 IMG_2490 Mr. Ramon surveys the damage.  IMG_2514


IMG_2496 IMG_2494 IMG_2493 IMG_2492 IMG_2491

IMG_2497 IMG_2499 IMG_2500 IMG_2501 IMG_2503 IMG_2504 IMG_2505 IMG_2506


IMG_2507 IMG_2510 IMG_2512 IMG_2509


IMG_2515 IMG_2516 IMG_2517 IMG_2518 IMG_2520


IMG_2524 IMG_2526 IMG_2527 IMG_2529

IMG_2531 IMG_2533 Businesses (like Asian Garden Spa & Wine DeVine) and homes just across the street have singed greenery and some minor damage only.  A miracle.jIMG_2534 IMG_2535


IMG_2536 IMG_2537 IMG_2538


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