San Pedro Town & The Scoop Will Be Looking Our Best For September Celebrations

It is a two post kind of day.  Just a few hours ago, I posted pictures of San Pedro town decorated for the September holidays.  Well…I was just back in town this morning to buy some more red and blue flair and found so much more!  I LOVE IT.

My friend John getting a head start.


IMG_2654 IMG_2659

Perhaps my very favorite so far.IMG_2665IMG_2594 IMG_2595

IMG_2661 IMG_2664


Even Belikin is looking festive to me.


At A&R they are really running low.  But a belt?  I want a Belize bet!   And this one is cool…but a bit cheesy.  Icky vinyl.  And it whispers.  I want to SCREAM Belize.


I’m going to wish I had that umbrella hat about 2 hours into Carnival.  But I just can’t do it…

The Belize flag blanket might be a tough sell when the temperature and the humidity are in the 80s and 90s.


At Caye Supplies, I bought lots of tattoos.  Just stickers are good and make-up is nice…but both tend to sweat off in the September heat.  Play it safe and buy the tattoos.  There are not many left!

IMG_2622 IMG_2623

My purchase.  Enough for biceps, facial tattoos and maybe a neck one and a tramp stamp.  LOUD rather than classy is the theme of the day.IMG_2624 IMG_2625

Get shopping quickly!  Supplies are definitely dwindling.

The Toucan store was where I struck pure Belizean gold.


I bought this belt for $16bzd.  This thing is AWESOME.


And then a Belize towel which will be CRUCIAL for sweat removal.  $13bzd and I’m praying it washes well.IMG_2657

So there you have it.  I can’t wait to wear all of these items.  And don’t be surprised if they ask me to ride on this Miss San Pedro float this year.  I’m pretty sure that I will be looking THAT good.

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