The 2014 Belikin Beer Calendar Unveil, Inside the Brewery & The Launch Party

Friday Oct 25th was the unveil of the always popular 2014 Belikin Beer Calendar featuring the lovely ladies of Belize.  This is the calendar’s 14th year.   The first event of the day was a very intimate one.  Belikin threw a luncheon for the ladies, the photographer, the film makers and the small Belikin team at the Brewery to show many of them the calendar for the very first time.

The brewery and distribution is in Ladyville, Belize.  You see it as you land at the international airport.


IMG_3636 IMG_3657

I was supremely lucky to also snag an invite.

After lunch and well…what comes along with lunch in the gorgeous Belikin tap room…


…my friend JC, the extremely lucky guy in charge of creating this year’s calendar, broke open the paper packaging to a hushed room.

IMG_3639 IMG_3646

The ladies couldn’t get their copies fast enough and, as you can imagine, everyone was extremely happy.  The photographer Leo and the team did an amazing job with both the locations all over Belize and the ladies.

The photo shoots weren’t ALL fun and games.  For one month, they planned to photograph in an old bus only to get in there and find about 16 trillion blood thirsty fleas.  Potentially the last place you want to be wearing a bikini.  The shoot was moved down the road.

IMG_3648 IMG_3662

Here is Miss November and also Miss Belize 2010.

IMG_3655And the man of the hour JC with Miss October, Karen.

IMG_3675And Joanna of Island Films with Miss December, the gorgeous Zarifa Wright.  Ladies…let’s do cute.

IMG_3678-2Now…strike a pose.

IMG_3676Next up, a tour of the brewery.  Belikin models are some of the most recognized faces in the country.  If you are going to represent a brand, you must know what you are talking about!

First the lab.


And well…let’s get back to the ladies.

IMG_3669 IMG_3671 IMG_3673

We met the brew master and everyone headed out.  To jobs, to the salon, to glamorize for the 7pm Launch Party at the Princess Hotel and Casino.  Little did I know but HUNDREDS of people would be lining up for autographs from the ladies.

I arrived a bit early to take some pictures.

Mel C. and Karen….from June and October.  You may remember Mel as the host of the Light House Rock Paper Scissors competitions across Belize.  (Here’s the one filmed at Fido’s in San Pedro.)

IMG_3686The DJs for the night DJ Dalla and Miss Blease were really really perfect.  A mix of new and old school.

IMG_3687I keep veering off track…back to the ladies.  The sashes arrived.


A group of American soldiers were in town and definitely the first to hit the bar.  Getting autographs for his…


ODA 793.  (Hmmmm…maybe you know but I had to ask.  ODA = Operational Detachment Alpha.  A 12 man team of US army Special Forces guys.)  Cool.

IMG_3728I too hope they have a sexy Christmas.  The guy in plaid in the picture above had a fun/crazy/ridiculous night…perhaps a bit too much partying at the after party.   I ran into him in the morning at the front desk.  He was looking for his US issued Blackberry phone.  Uh oh.

The girls spent 3 hours signing signing signing.  The guy in front of me waiting had 8 calendars…great holiday gifts for friends and family he reckoned.

Really sweet, friendly, down to earth girls who are so excited about this opportunity.

IMG_3705 IMG_3706IMG_3749 IMG_3754 IMG_3757


IMG_3758Super fun.  The room was packed by the end of the night and the line was never less than 100 people.


IMG_3723I waited to get two calendars signed and one I am giving away to you!  Check yesterday’s post for details…scoop about a NEW BELIKIN BEER and your chance to win.

Don’t worry…I’ll ship anywhere.




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